Instead of fearing technology and its impact on your children, why not introduce the little ones to the good parts about it. The more you keep them away from it, the more they’ll want to explore it. Put away those worries. Technology is everyone’s best friend if you use it right. So, go ahead and present to those curious kids the positive side of it iPad games that will keep them hooked the right way. These apps are not only entertaining but also promote growth and learning. Also Read: Best Racing Games for Your iPad Here are 5 iPad games to get started with.
Where's My Water?
where's my water Remember that lesson we learnt at school, something that went like “cleanliness is next to godliness”. That lesson can be taught to your kids with this game that features Swampy the alligator that you need to keep clean despite the actions of Cranky, the antagonist in the story. You need to help him by guiding the water to his broken shower by surpassing each challenging physics-based puzzle. This game gives your kids a chance to use their creativity to solve every level. Download: For Android, for iOS
Toddler Flashcards
toddler flashcards This flashcard game is perfect to help toddlers learn basic words. Just like old-school flashcards we used back in the days, this app has cards that teaches children names of animals, food, things, colours etc. However, this is an advanced version of it, here the cards speak and play sounds that make it a much more engaging, entertaining and educational game. Download: For iOS
Drawing Pad
drawing pad Hand your kids a pack of crayons and your whole house will turn into a personal canvas for them. Instead, introduce them to this iPad app that lets them use their imagination and go crazy with their virtual canvas. You can save their work and even share it with others. Download: For Android, for iOS
Cut the rope
cut the rope The game features Om Nom the alien come to earth who likes eating candy. You have to help him get the candy by cutting the rope. But it’s not as simple as a child’s play, this is a physics puzzle game where the player must use ropes to move the pieces of candy by having to swing it across the screen and let it fall into Om Nom’s mouth. This game makes kids think critically and solve problems making them more alert when playing this game. Download: For Android, for iOS
Moonbeeps: Fireflies
fireflies This beautiful looking game lets kids discover luminous fireflies buzzing in the forest. The goal is to catch these fireflies and add them to your collection. But it’s not as simple as it sounds, your kids must look for four different kinds of fireflies that come in different colours. You can also mix colours by catching the appropriate ones that make a certain colour. And all the while you’re doing this you have to be careful you don’t let the ones you’ve caught escape. Allow those little ones to discover the beautiful forest with fireflies that buzz to the music from The Polyphonic Spree’s. Download: For Android, for iOS Cover Image Courtesy:; Images via Google Play Store and Apple Store