Apple devices are usually well-connected with each other. That’s why iOS users are much more involved with their gadgets. Their days revolve around switching between their Macs and iPhones. They’re constantly in front of their screens whether they’re working or not. To beat this addiction, here are 5 iOS apps that keep your gadget use in check, improve productivity and reclaim work/life balance.
awareness This app keeps you aware of your time spent non-stop on the computer. It does so be setting a timer in your menu bar that counts the time you’ve been active on your Mac. Once you reach a certain period of time without taking any breaks in between, it plays the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl reminding you to step away for a bit. The app also has links to a website that gives you useful ideas on how to make the most of your break. Check it out Also Read: Start the Year on A Mindful Note with These Meditation Apps
focusbar This is a great app for people who get distracted easily. All you have to do is tell the app what task you’re working on and it will constantly remind you every time you switch windows or just in general after a certain time. If you’re looking for an occasional “hey, remember you’re working” pat through the day, this is a good app to have around. Check it out  
Way of Life
way of life Each day we try to get our balance right between sleeping, eating, exercising and socialising. But this can be a real struggle. This app helps you plot your daily and weekly goals and then tracks if you’re meeting them or not. It displays your ‘to-dos’ and ‘have-dones’ in a simple form where you can log in the data accordingly. It then exhibits your results in bar charts and trend lines. It also keeps a scoreboard and sends you multiple reminders so that you don’t “forget” about it. Check it out
f.lux Staring at screens for too long may affect your eyes. That’s when this app comes handy. It automatically adjusts your display according to the time of the day. All you have to do is pick a colour scheme, your wake-up time and set your location. The app will do the rest in the background without you being bothered by it. Check it out
Break time
break time You know how they say you need to take a break every now and then if you want to stay sane. This app keeps your break time in check by reminding you when you need to take a break from your computer. With this app, you can choose time between breaks and the length of your breaks. It also notifies you with a timer when your next break is due so that you can finish what you’re doing before it locks you out of your screen. Check it out