Firstly, an inverter AC has nothing to do with an inverter that powers up your electricity during a power cut.

Then What Is An Inverter AC?

The inverter technology used in ACs is related to the working of the compressor. The inverter controls the speed of the compressor so as to regulate the temperature continuously. Also Read: 7 Power Saving ACs You Can Keep on All Day

How Does It Work?

The compressor of an inverter AC remains ‘on’ from the moment you switch it on. Initially, it runs at a high speed to cool down a room to the desired temperature. Once it does so, it does not shut off, instead the motor runs at a minimal speed so that the temperature of the room is maintained.

How Does the Inverter AC Consume Less Power?

Since the compressor is always on, there is no power surges occurring every few minutes. The AC’s sophisticated mechanism maintains the speed of the compressor in such a way that even if you run it for hours, it will only draw as much power required to keep the temperature stable. It automatically keeps adjusting the capacity based on the requirement of the room it is cooling. Thus, running at a low speed throughout its operation, consuming less power and lesser electricity units. There’s no denying that running an AC in the summer will have a big impact on your electricity bill, but switching to a better, cost-saving, technology will help. The inverter AC, uses upgraded technology and directly helps save electricity consumption and also give you superior performance. Also Read: Ask Me How: To Style Athleisure Cover Image Courtesy: