Can you imagine life without the wonderful world wide web? It's hard to believe how we managed to live before the advent of  the internet. It's not until August 23, 1991 that inventor Tim Berners-Lee opened the gateways to the public. And today marks the 25th anniversary of access to the internet's glory. Today marks the 25th anniversary of public access to the world of endless information and is known as Internaut Day. By definition, 'Internaut' is a portmanteau of the words 'Internet' and 'astronaut' and we are all explorers in the digital space. To celebrate Internaut Day in style, here’s looking at some facts about the Internet that may surprise you. Here we go!
How old is the internet?
Internet-Explorer The Internet today is just over 10,000 days old – 10027 days if you’re reading this on August 23rd. You can check this link to keep up to date with the age of the Internet. The very first website ever created is still live. You can check it here.
The first ever image to be uploaded!
image upload Image sharing has been in vogue for quite a while on the Internet. Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web as we know it, uploaded the first image on the web. You’d never guess what it might be. At a time when there was no Photoshop to speak of, Berners-Lee uploaded the image of a girl group called Les Horribles Cernettes. Inevitably, they became the first band of the Internet as well. Check them out here.
wi fi Contrary to popular belief, the letters ‘Fi’ from Wi-Fi don’t really mean anything. It was just created to match with ‘Hi-Fi’. Similarly, the ‘@’ sign was created out of sheer desperation by computer scientist Ray Tomlinson when he was trying to connect people who programmed computers with one another. Thus, the email was born with the ‘@’ symbol and of course, our Twitter handles in the social media age. Also Read: 6 Wi-Fi Routers To Keep You Well-Connected
Quickies about Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
facebook twitter Since we’re on Twitter, you should know that over 500 million tweets are sent each day from over 250 million users. If that wasn’t enough, China’s Weibo social network boasts almost 300 million users. Facebook has grown so much that its ad revenues are set to exceed the combined revenues of all newspapers in the USA. YouTube’s first video was uploaded in April 2005 and is still available here. Psy’s Gangnam Style is the most viewed video of all time with over 2 billion views.
Did someone say 5G?
5g Most of us consume data on our mobile on 3G currently but we are well on our way to 5G now. Google has, in fact, tested solar-powered drones that can beam 5G signals while staying in the air for five years. 5G will be blazing fast of course – so fast that you can download an HD movie in seven seconds flat. Let’s just keep the information hidden form the annoying Airtel 4G girl for now.
The world's fastest internet speed award goes to…
country with the fastest internet Coming to internet speeds, you’d be a very happy person if you lived in South Korea as the country boasts the world’s fastest internet speed at 29 Mbps (megabytes per second). India’s speed is a very modest 3.5 Mbps, just about on par with Philippines. Also Read: The Great Indian Internet Speed Test
Making money off the Internet
making money on internet Three of the top five richest people in the world owe their fortune to the Internet. This includes the world’s richest person Bill Gates with a personal fortune of $77.7 billion. He is followed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos at third position with $65.3 billion and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in fifth position with $54 billion. *Figures are as of July 30.
Internet slangs
internet slang The Internet has expanded the size of our vocabulary as well. Only after its advent did words like Selfie, Twerk, Trolls, Tweet, FOMO, GIF and Sext make sense to a whole new generation. Also, LOL used to mean Lots of Love before the Internet #JustSaying
Internet dating
Tinder is a relative baby when it comes to the dating scene. The big daddy is that is responsible for the birth of at least one million babies. In related research, a third of women who have used online dating have had sex on the first date itself. Gross fact: almost 40 percent on the Internet is filled with porn.
internet dating
The rise of e-comm
e comm While we take e-commerce for granted today, the birth of Internet commerce was a huge milestone in its history. The very first online transaction was made by Stanford students buying – of all things – marijuana from MIT students. Think about that again: the first e-commerce transaction was a drugs deal. Not that it didn’t help the world later on. After all Elon Musk, the godfather of clean tech, made his first millions after selling off Paypal even as the debate over Bitcoin usage ebbs and flows across the world. You have nothing to worry though, everything you need is available right here for shopping at Tata Cliq. Cover Image Courtesy:; Images via