There’s always so much enthusiasm about celebrating the female force but no one hardly talks about this obscure holiday that focuses on the male population around us. International Men’s Day — as made up as it sounds, is a real holiday observed around the world on November 19th with the purpose to improve gender relations, promote gender equality, highlight male role models and focus on men’s and boy’s health. For all these reasons and more let’s pamper the men in our life on this day. Here’s something you can buy for every kind of guy.
For the fitness freak
The guy who loves his gym time will love gifts that match his passion. A great pair of wireless earphones will make things much easier when he’s working out. This way he can exercise in full throttle mode without worrying about tangled wires that hold him back.
Jabra Sports Wireless+ Headset
  If you know he loves to burn calories, imagine how much he’ll love knowing how much calories he burns every single day. A fitness band monitors activity, heart rate and calories burned. It is the ideal gift for any fitness enthusiast.
Jawbone UP3 Activity Tracker
Mr Dapper will love these
For the man who strives to look prim and proper every day, this grooming kit will be a much-appreciated gift.
Panasonic ER-GY10 Grooming Kit
  Oomph up his style and pride with the swanky wristwatch that’s functional and casual too. It has features such as altimeter, barometer and compass with weather information which makes it a great gadget to have when travelling. It also has a premium leather strap that makes it look like a stylish wear for a casual day at work.
SUUNTO Essential Collection Smart Watch
For the outdoorsy guy
The GoPro never disappoints when it comes to capturing action shots in the outdoors. Specially made to withstand adventure photography and videography, this camcorder is what every outdoorsy guy dreams of.
GoPro Hero 5 Session Action Camcorder
For the indoorsy guy
For the guy who likes to stay in, read a book, snuggle and occasionally get up for a caffeine fix, these two gadgets will make the perfect gift. The Kindle Paperwhite will be a great upgradation to his paperback. It has a battery that can go on for days, a no-glare screen and adjustable light that makes reading easy without straining the eyes.
Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi with Built-in Light
Also Read: Read More On the Go with These 5 E-Readers   No indoorsy guy likes running down to the Starbucks to get his coffee all day. So, how about you bring the coffee to him. With a coffee maker by his side he can enjoy his fresh brew any time of the day.
Bonhomia BB01B Coffee Maker
And the gamer
Whether he’s 50 or 5, every boy likes his toys. And you cannot go wrong when it comes to the PS4. This gaming console will be the ultimate gift to any gamer guy.
Sony 500 GB PS4 Console

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