Ever since its launch, Instagram has been highly popular for individuals and brands from all walks of life. The platform’s approach to prominently featured visual content has found takers in most of us. When it comes to popularity, Stories rules the roost as an Instagram feature. These posts with a lifespan of 24 hours offer us a completely new way to interact with people, and there are many ways to go about it beyond simply adding a picture. Here are some tips to put out the best Instagram stories.

Stay within the lines

While we’re always all for defying boundaries, when it comes to posting on Instagram Stories, you should stick to the lines. When you’re creating a story on Instagram, the app shows you helpful guiding lines. These lines help you stay at the centre, keep your content aligned horizontally or vertically, and perhaps most importantly, stay within the visible boundaries of the post.

Explore the spectrum

When picking the colour for anything on Instagram, you might think you’re limited to the three scrolls of options available. However, tap and hold onto any of those options and you’ll be taken to a much more specific colour picker. Picking the right, and unique, colour for your story elements can help you stand out.

Use engaging stickers

Instagram offers a great many ways on stories to engage with your followers. Stickers range from polls, QnA, Quiz, Ratings etc. Taking it one step further, use these to amplify the subject of your content, even if it goes against the exact way to use the sticker. For example, offering the same option multiple times on Polls reinforces the sentiment that you’re trying to portray.

Use backgrounds and colour fills

Picking the pen tool and holding onto the background fills it with that particular colour. Doing the same with the highlighter adds a transparent overlay. Using these in conjunction with the eraser tool can help you create interesting teasers and limited views of content on your main feed.

Use templates

There are free tools out there like Canva and PicMonkey that can help you design great Stories from various templates available for free. Stick to a few to even create a consistent visual style for your stories that people can identify at once glance.

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock/ Canva