The toughest part about posting on Instagram is having to sum up your experience in one photo so that you don’t seem repetitive. It’s either that or having to resort to tacky collages of cramped up photos. But there is so much more to those Bali pictures and those Bachelorette selfies that are all Instagram-worthy. Luckily, you no longer need to be stuck with a moral decision of which picture goes up because now you can upload up to 10 of them in a gallery-like form. This new update brings to this social platform a feature that lets you can share multiple photos and videos as a single carousel post. giphy (1) It is very much like an album with a particular theme, so you can post all your holiday or birthday pictures in one scroll. This way you can present to your followers a complete experience without turning them off by spamming their feed with five or six pictures of the same kind in on go. Think of it like a more permanent version of Instagram Stories. You can use this new format to document each phase of a surprise birthday party with multiple pictures. Or show a step by step procedure of a recipe being made with multiple videos. giphy (2) To create this carousel gallery, you need to tap on a new icon that looks like a ‘stack of photos’. This lets you select up to 10 photos and videos you’d want to include in the carousel. Though you get only one caption for the post, you can edit each photo or video individually or as a group and can change the order of these photos too. This scrolling post appears on a feed with a blue ellipsis (…) at the bottom of it. To view them, you just need to start swiping. This seems like a better way to tell a story without using ‘Stories’, right Sounds like a great new feature to experiment with, although this also means advisers will be using it too. So be ready to see multiple scroll ads on your feed too. This new feature is being rolled out right now. Check for an update to try it out. Cover image via Youtube