From devisers of recipes to jam makers and bakers, here’s a list of independent cooks to follow to satisfy your foodie craving for good food, one post at a time Delhi-based Shivesh Bhatia began making cakes and other confections when he was in the 11th standard. Since then, this 19-year-old self-taught baker has accumulated 58,000+ followers on Instagram and even launched his own recipe blog.   She wears many hats, including accessories designer, food stylist and food photographer and obviously a foodie, so it’s no surprise that Madhuri Aggarwal’s Instagram stream is so good looking. From Basil ice cream to pav bhaji, she’s cooking and clicked it all.   California-based Amisha introduces herself as a mother of two who loves to ‘bake and cook’; so besides whipping up fabulous-looking food for her family and posting it for her nearly 5000 followers to see, she also sells jams under her Jam Lab label.  

Florida is still warm enough for acai bowls. #donthate

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Recipe developer/photographer/food stylist Kiran Tarun’s Instagram feed showcases elegantly photographed bowls of breakfast, cups of coffee and trays of mithai, interspersed with images that inspire this foodie. There’s much food for thought.   We would advise you to avoid scrolling through Shweta Arora’s Insta feed on an empty stomach. The food blogger’s pictures of cupcakes, granola bars and even plain old chapatti-and-veggies will induce serious hunger pangs. We’re sure her 2,253 followers will concur.   Run by Tanvi Srivastava, Sinfully Spicy chronicles for her 9800 followers her experiments with (mostly) Indian cooking – and spice - in her Las Vegas kitchen.   In her own words, this mom sits ‘at the corner of happy and harried’, rustling up beautiful-looking food in her kitchen. Everything from avocado and banana smoothies to Pidi kozhukkattai find their way onto her photo feed.


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