Whether you’re a celebrity of just another profile on the internet, nobody is immune to cyber bullying. After all, we live in a time where internet trolling is a trend. Everybody online has an opinion and for some reason they feel obliged to rub it into everyone’s face. What else can one do but ignore or ignite this nonsense? Not anymore though! In a move against cyber bullying, Instagram has launched three new features that will give users more control to protect themselves when using this platform. Let’s hope these three are a good start to foster a safer environment online.

Feature to control comments

Don’t want to hear what people have to say about every new picture you post? Just switch off the comments for that individual post. Most trolls use the comments section to spurt out negativity. By having the option to do away with this section you can reduce harassment online significantly. In addition to that they have also made it possible to “like” comments which can further promote positivity.

Feature to remove followers from private account

With the addition of Instagram stories, followers are getting a lot more access to an individual’s life. This raises some serious concerns about who is following you. Previously, if you were unsure about a follower, you had to block that person to get rid of them but now you can simply choose to remove any follower without them being notified about it. This is a feature available to private accounts only.

Feature to anonymously report self-harm posts

Instagram has long been a platform where people share their most personal moments and feelings. Their posts can sometimes reveal their state of mind. While there’s a lot of cheer for people embarking on positive journeys, nobody batters an eyelid when they see a person’s post that indicates a personal struggle. In a move to help such people, Instagram has urged users to report such people. This is an anonymous report that will alert Instagram, who in turn will connect that person with an organization that offers help. These features will be available for download with the next update. Many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have begun to take cyber bullying seriously and have resorted to helpful measures. With this new addition by Instagram, there’s a rising hope that there will be a safer online environment someday. Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com