It's no secret that a happy mind is the ultimate key to success, whether in your personal or professional life. When you have a positive mindset, you see the brighter side of life and expect the best. You are inspired to reach your goals, have higher self-esteem and maintain good interpersonal relations. But with all that’s happening around the world, it might not be always possible to keep up a happy mood all the time. That is why it's so important to surround yourself with optimistic people. At times like this, when we rely on social media to stay connected to the rest of the world, it’s extremely vital that we make informed decisions about who we follow on social media. We all need to read articles, listen to podcasts and watch videos that fill us with hope and motivation. Ahead, we list out our favourite Instagram accounts that inspire and spread optimism, one post at a time.

Marisa Peer

With over three decades of experience as a therapist, Marisa Peer is a world-renowned speaker, rapid transformation trainer, behaviour expert and a bestselling author. On her Instagram page, she posts short videos and sessions that are helping thousands of people across the world in coping up with everyday life situations. Peer’s #IAmEnough movement focuses on the empowering truth that no matter where we are born and raised, we have been blessed with the potential to achieve our dreams. Through her impactful talks, she inspires you to overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs to truly create the best version of yourself.

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Recipes For Self-love

Amsterdam-based artist Alison Rachel’s Instagram account is full of empowering images of and for women. Her signature illustrations, each with an inspiring message is about feminism, self-care, boundaries, intersectionality, sexuality, anxiety, ritual, beauty, individuality, and self-expression. Thoughtful, sensitive and strong all at once, Recipes For Self-Love is where every woman feels a sense of belonging. Whether you are feeling down, depressed, demotivated or stressed, scroll through her page to find soothing messages and positive notes that makes you believe that you aren’t alone.

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This account truly spreads happiness with their funny and positive news from around the world. Their mission is to deliver stories that amp up your faith in humanity and bring a smile on your face. So whenever you feel down, all you need to do is scroll through Upworthy’s Instagram page to instantly cheer up yourself up. It’s well-curated posts are a proof that there are so many good things happening around the world. Their stories not just make you feel good but also motivates you to be a better human being. If you want to contribute any positive news happening around you, you can also share it with them to get it featured on the page.

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Jack Canfield

If you have read any of the ‘Chicken Soup for the soul’ books and have felt the warmth and love in each of those stories, you can extend your gratitude to Jack Canfield – the co-author of the best-selling series with over 250 titles. On his Instagram page, Canfield takes you through snippets from his famous self-help book ‘The Success Principles’, sharing step-by step guide to transform your life with positive habits, affirmations and visualisation. A dose of his motivating posts will surely boost your confidence and help you to set new goals and achieve them every day.

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Girl Boss

At Girl Boss, you join the network of modern and ambitious women who support each other and thrive. Founder, CEO, NYT Bestselling Author, Sophia Amoruso started off Girlboss as a platform that puts together interesting content for women across the world. From relatable memes and jokes to quotes from legendary women of the past, Girl Boss is where you will find your tribe and grow with them to become a woman of substance. With the account now going global with, you can take a step ahead and be a part of intimate, impactful and engaging conversation about professional leadership, business building, and financial literacy among others.

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The Good Quote

Founded by Meggan Roxxane, The Good Quote is dedicated to self-development and mental health. It puts together an amazing curation of quotes that motivate, inspire and heal. What makes the account a must-follow one is its relevance and relatability. Every piece of literature on the page, is an acknowledgement that though life is tough, you can emerge and be a champion with positive thoughts and actions. It also is an advocate of loving yourself and helping others grow to truly lead a fulfilling and happy life.

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The Good Advice Cupcake

Featuring a funny and sweet cupcake called ‘Cuppy’, this Instagram page is where you will find the most relatable posts about life, love and more. From advice on ‘how to deal with slow walkers’ to ‘how to be supportive to a friend in need’, you get help on anything and everything on this page. Cuppy’s optimistic and no-frills attached advice is just what you need to stay upbeat and happy even on the dullest of days. So hit the follow button and set on a fun journey of self-love and appreciation with Cuppy, The Good Advice Cupcake.

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