For all the flak social media receives,there is no denying that Instagram is a powerful tool in propagating body positivity. In the recent years, it has become the key equaliser for body types and skin tones, giving a voice to the margins that fashion alone couldn't have. The fashion industry in turn seeks to benefit from this medium as plus size bloggers populate it with #OOTDs and fitness tips. Here are the Instagram accounts that have us inspired. Hit follow now and feel good about yourself.

Ashley Graham

Model and body activist Ashley Graham is changing perceptions just by being herself. From high fashion editorials to no make up selfies, her Insta account is diverse yet so much fun to follow.

Iskara Lawrence

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Body-positive activist and founder of Runway Riot, Iskra Lawrence is the voice of the Instagram generation. When she is not fighting the good fight for body acceptability and showing off her killer fitness regime, she is lending her voice to mental health issues.

Tanesha Awasthi

The OG plus-sized fashion blogger, Tanesha Awasthi aka Girl With Curves is responsible for the genesis of the Instagram body positivity movement. Plus,she always has the best style tip under her sleeve.

Gia Kashyap

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Gia is India's body positivity champion in a sea of fashion bloggers. She doesn't have to make a loud statement to stand out, she just does what she has to - be comfortable in her own skin.