A popular platform for every fashionista, Instagram is like a VIP pass to all the best fashion parties and behind-the-scenes of some of the industries top fashion It girls. From trendy #OOTD looks to glimpses of the newest accessory every fashion insider is obsessing over, Instagram is where you'll find it all. Not sure you're following the right crowd? Just scroll down for seven of India’s fashion savvy Instagram accounts you need to follow STAT! You can be sure that is one carefully curated list of industry insiders who are going to keep you in the know and vying for more.

Rhea Gupte

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A girl with many hats, Rhea Gupte is a creative director, photographer, artist, stylist and writer. Popularly know as The Girl From Fuss, follow her and your feed will be alive with artistically styled pictures.

Kaayan Contractor

Co-founder of Love and Other Bugs, Kaayan is grunge chic at its best. Get ready for the green-eyed monster because her stellar OOTDS will leave you wishing you had her wardrobe.

Santoshi Shetty

Playful and sultry, she's is the epitome of juxtaposition. Not only does she offer some fantastic street-style inspiration but she shares some gorgeous snapshots from her travels. So if you're always on the go, just like this stunning jet-setter, she will show you how to live out of a suitcase and still slay everyday.

Nilu Thapa

Nobody does urban chic like Nilu Thapa. Bright and bold, she knows how to work with colour from H to the T.

Aayushi Bagur

New day, new look.🍁🍂 @missa_more_clothing

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Founder of Style Drive, Aayushi is always on trend. Experimental with her style aesthetic, she goes from a Persian belle to desi diva. If you gravitate towards her style aesthetic we are sure that you won't be disappointed.

Masoom Minawala

Miss Style Fiesta, Masoom Minawala is the owner of the blog and the website Style Fiesta. If you're looking for some #GirlBoss looks to rule over the mundane boardroom meetings then our girl Masoom Minawala is the one for you.

Gia Kashyap

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The fashion industry craves more diversity, be it ethnicity or body shape. Making sure all the curvy girls aren't left out of the fashion game, Gia shares some flawless OOTDS.