A simple dedication to walking and yoga could set our health right. But the tech-dependant generation that we belong to has set us on the pursuit of innovative gadgets to give us a little something extra every time we try. This has led to the development of some creative and fascinating technology that helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are 7 innovative gadgets to plug in right now.
NordicTrack Desk Treadmill
NordicTrack Desk Treadmill This much talked about device needs no introduction. It’s here to keep you active even when stuck with work in front of your laptop. This is a treadmill that features a wide desk surface, compact tread belt and a USB charging station. The desk height can be adjusted accordingly so that you can be comfortable whether you choose to walk, jog or run when working. Check it out  
Violet Sun Exposure Tracker
violet This one of a kind wearable device tracks your UV exposure in real time and guides you how to protect your skin against it. To start using this wearable, you need to register yourself on the app first and let it do the rest. It will then find out your skin type and track UV exposure. It will alert your when you’ve had too much of it. It will also track your vitamin D production and will tell you how much time you need to spend in the sun to reach your daily recommendation. It also has sunscreen reminders and more. Check it out Also Read:  6 Gadgets That Promise You a Cleaner and Safer Home  
Sensoria Smart Socks
fitness socks These smart socks are what a runner’s dreams are made of. They are infused with comfortable, textile pressure sensors that have multiple benefits. It tells you in real time when you strike with the heel or ball of your foot. It monitors your food-landing techniques and steps per minute when you run, which helps avoid running injuries. Connect it to its app and it will track your runs and give you feedback in real time. Check it out Also Read: Running Apps to Help You Progress to That Extra Mile
SITU Food Scale
situ scale SITU is the food scale you’ve always been looking for. It weighs your food not only in weight but also by calories and total nutrients. This scale must be synced to the app of the same name in your iPhone or iPad. It then communicates the scale results with the app where you choose what kind of food is being analysed. Knowing the calorie and nutritional value of your food as precisely as this will help you make better food choices. Check it out  
Dreampad and Dreampad Mini
dreampad For the ones having trouble sleeping, this gadget might be a soothing solution. This is a pillow that delivers music through gentle, calming vibration. It is based on the natural conductivity of the human body. The vibration circulates around your ear and triggers your body’s relaxation response. This helps you sleep better. Check it out  
Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt
polo Here’s taking smart tech to a whole new level. This T-shirt by Ralph Lauren has bio-sensing silver fibres woven directly into the core of it which gives the wearer comprehensive biometric data in real time. It is synced to the app which collects data such as distance covered, calories burned, heart rate and stress rate. Check it out  
sleepphones Let’s agree, all earphones/headphones can be awfully painful when worn when you go to bed. These SleepPhones were created to bust those woes and give you the most comfortable headphones for sleeping. This gadget is a soft, cosy headband with super thin, high-quality built-in speakers. They let you enjoy music even when you sleep on your side without those pesky earbuds or headphones digging into your head. Check it out Images via nordictrack.com, liveultrahealthy.com, bigcommerce.com, knowyourmobile.com, forbes.com, ytimg.com, amazon.com