Once upon a time, human beings were born tethered to their mothers and once that was severed, they lived out the rest of their lives in relative independence. While a simple snip is enough to sever an umbilical cord, cutting a TV connection is a far more harrowing and disorienting process. However, there is simply no reason to have your entertainment schedule dictated to you by a suit in a corner office of some nameless, faceless corporation in the Internet age. The experience of flipping through 500-plus channels and finding nothing to watch is universal, not to mention totally unacceptable considering the alternatives available these days. If your watch was only useful twice a day, you’d junk it without a second thought. So why the special consideration for your cable or satellite connection? Follow our simple three step guide to cord-cutting and moving to online entertainment.
  1. The first step to cord-cutting is getting on a fast internet connection with a high data usage limit. Finding this utopia in India is a challenge for sure, but it is becoming increasingly easier as ISPs realise the potential of video.
  2. The second step is getting your TV online. Check out out this article to understand the many different ways this can be accomplished and pick the one that you like the best.
  3. The third and final step is choosing a combination of services that will power your web entertainment experience. Here’s a lowdown of the best in each category:
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Movies and TV Shows’

So you’ve told your cable-wala to never come back in no uncertain terms. Now where do you get your fix of Game of Thrones or the latest Bollywood blockbuster? The same place you were getting them earlier – the Internet. But now that you’ve saved a bunch of money from ending your TV subscription, you can stop being a spectator in the whack-a-mole game that the government plays with illegal streaming sites and pony up for a high quality service. There are a ton of options available and each of them suits a certain type of audience better: Netflix is ideal if you’re into the English indie scene, Hotstar has most of HBO’s massive catalogue, saas-bahu serials and sports and Eros Now has a comprehensive Bollywood database. Most of them offer free trials, so you can play the field before settling down with one service. Of course, besides all of these services, there’s always YouTube with its infinite potential to entertain. From cat videos to science documentaries and vlogs to web shows, human kind’s greatest collection of motion pictures is the free bonus to your subscription package of choice.


You’re pretty much locked into Hotstar if sports is big on your entertainment agenda. They cover most of the Football (including the EPL), some Cricket, all the Formula 1 races and the grand slams in Tennis. The remaining gaps in coverage can be filled with pay-per-view access that Ten Sports provides through its website. This combination ensures Full HD access to the most-watched sports at a fraction of the price of subscribing to the full sports package (including all the HD channels.)


For a music fan, the difference between the incredibly stale and standardised set lists of music channels on TV and the unlimited choice of the Internet is going to be as stark as night and day. YouTube is free and has a music library that can satisfy most people. For those who want to go even further, services like Saavn, Gaana and Apple Music provide the next level in terms of the depth of their libraries and the quality of their interfaces. Cover Art by Aditi Sharma; Image courtesy: Shutterstock.com