It's often said that young people spend far too much time staring at screens, but can you blame us? The Internet has to be the most useful and revolutionary invention of our times. If it wasn't for the widespread proliferation of the Internet, so many of the things we enjoy doing today wouldn't even be around. In being so easy to access and harness, the Internet has given unknown talents from across the country a chance to showcase their abilities to the rest of us. Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of independent music artists, or indie artists for short. The indie scene in India may yet be nascent, but it has the potential to become a real force to be reckoned with. What with people's frustration that Bollywood has taken over our entire cultural landscape, indie artists and collectives offer a counter to Bollywood's mainstream appeal and widen the playing field with their innovativeness and fresh ideas. Many of the trends we see in Bollywood today - EDM, dubstep and rap - started off on the fringes as indie artists tried out new things and their work grew in popularity. Take Nucleya for instance. While he may be the toast of Bollywood right now, he started off by playing at bars for small groups of people before people recognised his talent and his career took off. Who knows who else is out there and what they could bring to the table? India's indie music scene is growing rapidly and these are just some of the best tracks to have come out so far this year.  

Tum Jab Paas, Prateek Kuhad


Shaad, Parvaaz


Laugh While You're Here, Zoya Mohan Ft. Vasuda Sharma


Rupiya, Alif


Beta Sweater Pehno, Swarathma


Mhaari Re Mangetar, Maati Baani Ft. Alaa Wardi


You Could Use Me as a Weapon, The F16s


Four, Dhruv Visvanath


Relax, Clown With a Frown

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