Priyanka Chopra’s doing well for herself in the US of A, what with a prime time TV show (Quantico), and a role in Baywatch. Deepika Padukone isn’t doing too bad either, in Vin Diesel’s arms we might add.  And remember Irrfan Khan in InfernoLife of Pi, The Amazing Spider-Man and Jurassic World? We do too. But do you remember Anupam Kher in Silver Linings Playbook? Just barely, we say. Or Amitabh Bachchan in The Great Gatsby? We sneezed when he came on screen and missed his Hollywood moment. Really. These aren’t the only Indian actors who’ve made blink-and-you-missed-it cameos in worthy international projects. We have a list below.
Kabir Bedi
Kabir Bedi in Knigh Rider He may not be among the mainstream Indian actors, but Kabir Bedi played the villainous Gobinda in the 1983 James Bond film, Octopussy, which everyone remembers to date. He also had small parts on British cult TV show Murder, She Wrote and the American TV show Knight Rider, which starred David Hasselhoff.  
Nimrat Kaur
Nimrat Kaur Before The Lunchbox and Homeland happened, she made her silver screen debut with a small role in the historical epic, One Night with the King, which tells the Biblical story of Esther. We’re glad someone noticed her acting chops.  
Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan We’ve already talked about this. But we’d like to talk about it again. Sure, he’s a superstar… sure, he starred alongside Leonardo di Caprio (an Oscar winner no less!), but we wish he’d had more screen time.  
Roshan Seth
Roshan Seth He’s played the role of Nehru in ‎Richard Attenborough’s Oscar-winning Gandhi; but he’s also played the relatively small part of Chattar Lal, Prime Minister of the Maharaja of Pankot in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (it was his next release). No role is too big or small for this star.  
Om Puri
Om Puri Before Irrfan Khan stole the role of the slightly eccentric yet serious Indian guy in Western films, Om Puri was everyone’s go-to guy. But do you remember him in Charlie Wilson’s War? No?!  
Anupam Kher
Anupam Kher He’s done some cool films: In one film, he had a daughter who could Bend It Like Beckham, and in another, his daughter could do the Nagin dance – yes, this one. But that didn’t stop this veteran actor from taking on a blink-and-you-miss-it part in Silver Linings Playbook, where he plays a therapist. At least he got to share screen space with ______ (fill in the blank with your favourite: Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Lawrence).  
Freida Pinto
Freida Pinto |Que Mag When you’re a mysterious, virginal oracle in a movie called Immortals, based on Greek gods, you will definitely find some hot guys fighting over you. Even if your role is actually quite small in terms of run time. On the plus side, Pinto’s character, Phaedra, gets to have smokin’ hot sex with Theseus (Henry Cavil, who we saw in Batman vs Superman). PS: Did we miss anyone? Leave us a comment and tell us who else should have been on this list.


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