On a recent trip to a Tier III town (now listed as one of the 98 Smart Cities in the making) the true marker of modernisation that stood out to me was fashion. Economic, social and infrastructural development can wait; the one thing my Mumbai counterparts have in common with the residents of this town is their love for jeans. From local vendors to students and working professionals, a pair of jeans is, unequivocally, an equalizer on the fashion and subsequently the sociological front. To validate this claim, Westside recently conducted a Denim Survey. Conducted with a sample size of 1200 people across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and Hyderabad, this detailed survey provides insights into our denim habits, trends and behaviour. Here is what they found out-
Jeans are Gender Neutral
Both men and women love this staple equally, sans bias. The findings show 39.46% women and 41.76% men own about four to six pairs of jeans and the average pair is priced between Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000. Clearly, we all believe a good pair of jeans is an investment.
Wear Your Jeans to Work
Dress codes may vary across professions and the jury is still out on whether or not jeans should be classified as smart casuals, but 47% admit to wearing jeans everyday and a whopping 62% people over the age of 33 prefer wearing this staple to work. Are you listening, HR?
Are Your Jeans Distressed?
While a large chunk of sample still prefers the classic straight-cut pair, the distressed jeans trend has its takers. Delhi leads the trend brigade with the highest percentage wearing their jeans ripped (9%) while Mumbai (with 6.03%) follows suit. This trend has not caught on in Chennai though, with only a meager 1.85% trying it out.
To Clean or Not to Clean
The controversy surrounding washing a pair of jeans is still rife - Levi's CEO says you shouldn't bother washing your fave pair at all but science states you should toss it in the machine once every four to six days. Whatever your stance on this might be, note that Hyderabad stands by science and 45.59% people wash theirs once a week.
You Only Live In Your Jeans Once
striped jeans
Turns out 77% admit they go to bed still dressed in their jeans. No shame in admitting you do too. Shop for your favourite jeans here.