For many years, Salman Khan’s USP was (and still is) his abs. In fact, one of his few positive legacies is the cottage industry of gyms that has bloomed after he bared his torso in O O Jaane Jaana in Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. However, in keeping with the times, Salman Khan (aka Bhai) seems to have decided to accessorise himself with some choice products. Most of these, like his tweets, make little practical sense. But if ever you ever wanted to prove your loyalty to him, you can hardly go wrong if you pick from these accessories that have been as much of a super hit as Salman’s characters.  

The Blue Bracelet

salman khan blue bracelet



Movie: Wanted We lied to you. Not only gyms, Bhai kick-started a cottage industry of bracelets for men after showcasing his famous blue bracelet in Wanted. Entrepreneurs quickly took the hint, producing bracelets of varied shapes and types. Of course, nothing compares to the original. #OriginalWanted  

 The Dark Sunglasses

 salman khan dark glasses



Movie: Bodyguard Okay, so all bodyguards wear dark sunglasses. Yet only Salman can sing Teri Meri to woo his heroine, all while maintaining a poker face behind those sunglasses. If that isn’t swag, we don’t know what is.  

The Heart-Reflecting Sunglasses

salman khan dark glasses


Dabangg movie

Movie: Dabangg Bhai outdoes himself in the sunglasses department in this one. Wearing his emotions on his sleeve - and his heart on his sunglasses, apparently - Salman appropriates the dhak-dhak look (sorry, Madhuri Dixit). Too shy to try it?  

The Skirt-in-Mouth

salman khan skirt


Kick movie

Movie: Kick If you thought Salman only suffered from foot-in-the-mouth disease after his bizarre rape analogy, here’s something for you to bite on. #TooManyPuns Apart from the comic mask Salman uses to disguise himself (LOL), the one thing that truly stands out as a fashion moment inKick is his skirt-in-the-mouth moment in the Jumme Ki Raat Hai song with Jacqueline Fernandez. (Special mention for his gravity-defying bicycle in the movie as well).  

Hanuman Gada pendant

salman khan hanuman pendant


Bajranji bhaijaan   Movie: Bajrangi Bhaijaan So famous is the Hanuman chain in the movie that it makes an appearance - in slow-mo no less - before Salman does. It’s even sold on shopping websites!  

Soiled Langot

salman khan langot


Sultan movie

Movie: Sultan Along with a select bunch of ‘action’ stars, Salman has been endorsing innerwear brands for a long time. So it’s no surprise to watch the actor get down and dirty, in the boxing ring of course, with just a ‘langot’ to cover his jewels. Will it become a best seller? #NowTrending


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