Wake up and smell the coffee. That this caffeinated drink has become an international phenomenon today is a testament to how incredibly versatile it is. Coffee can be had with anything – whipped cream, fruits, liquor. But the one thing that coffee goes best with is conversation. This must be why so many films have such iconic coffee scenes. Is there anything this wonder-drink can’t help with?  

Another, Thor

If there’s one thing Marvel films can do every time, it’s make us laugh. Thor itself may have been wholly underwhelming and immensely forgettable, but the sight of Thor showing his appreciation for coffee by smashing his mug on the floor in the old Viking style of appreciation had us cracking up. We know you’re a Norse god, Thor, but this is precisely why nobody liked the Vikings.  

Coffee To Go, Goodfellas

This scene captures exactly what an idyllic morning looks like – the birds are chirping outside, the music is playing softly in the background, your friends turn up for breakfast and you prepare a pot of hot coffee. It’s all perfect – until Stacks is shot in the back of the head by his friend, Tommy, of course. That bullet shatters the calmness of the scene and almost everyone was shocked by the unexpected violence of the scene. And just to show us how crazy he is, Tommy tells his accomplice to “make that coffee to go” after he's put the gun down.  

Kopi Luwak, The Bucket List

Coffee is so amazing that you can even hold up a court hearing because you want your lawyer to sample a taste of the cup you just poured him. When Jack Nicholson tells you that it’s Kopi Luwak, “the rarest beverage in the world,” you can almost feel the aroma fill your nostrils and your mouth water. We can’t believe the lawyer passed up a chance to drink something that includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. Yummy.  

Strange To Meet You, Coffee and Cigarettes

This brilliant film is the reason for this listicle. And this scene is the best example of how coffee can bringing two strangers together. This largely improvised and, frankly, bizarre conversation between the pair is just perfect. Watch the clip, to understand what we mean.  

This Is Some Serious Gourmet S**t, Pulp Fiction

While this movie is filled with some of the most quotable quotes in movie history, the opening line to this scene takes the cake. Funnily, Samuel L Jackson telling Quentin Tarantino that his coffee is some “serious gourmet s**t” isn’t even the most expletive-filled part of this scene. You know what? We aren’t going to say anything; just go ahead and watch it yourself.  

Secret Coffee Ingredient, Due Date

It’s as if they made this film only to crush taboos. In this hilarious scene Ethan neglects to tell Darryl to avoid using the coffee from the tin he’s brought with him. Only halfway through their drink does he remember to mention that his father’s ashes were in it. Too late, though, because Darryl already hates him and the audience is in splits.  

The Restaurant Scene, Heat

Al Pacino chasing Robert De Niro down just to ask him if he can buy him a cup of coffee sets up one of the tensest coffee shop scenes ever featured in a film. Watching the cop and the bad guy sitting across from each other in a diner, having a conversation and being more honest with each other than they’ve ever been with anyone else, will have you on the edge of your seat for the entire time that they’re sizing each other up.


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