If you had a rupee for every time your old laptop freezes in a day, you’d probably have enough to buy a new one. Even a well-functioning laptop begins to hang and lag with the kind of excessive use we put it through. That’s mainly because your old intel isn’t really prepped to stream movies, play games and use an editing software at the same time. Your needs have updated and you need a laptop to match them. The i5 processor is faster than all its predecessors. It may not be the latest i7, but it pretty good to get you through, and moreover, it comes at a budget you can afford, especially during a sale. For all your multitasking needs, gaming, faster procession and for using heavy applications, here are 6 i5 processor laptops on sale.
Apple MMGF2HN/A MacBook Air
Apple MMGF2HNA Core i58GB128GB133INTMac
This MacBook Air is powered by a 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor. It has an 8GB RAM and 128GB flash storage and together all these features make this laptop a gadget that gives you blazing speed so that you can multitask without any lags. It also has a backlit keyboard for easy use in the dark.
HP Envy 13-D116TU 33.78cm Notebook
HP Envy 13-D116TU 3378cm Notebook Intel i5 256GB
The HP Envy claims to be a laptop a multitasking, high-performance gadget. With its reliable Intel Core i5 -6200U processor, 8GB RAM and 1TB hard drive, there’s no doubting its performance either. These features take care of all its processing needs, provides ample of storage and works without any hold-ups.
Apple MacBook Pro MD101HN/A Laptop
Apple MacBook Pro MD101HNA 3378cm Intel i5 500GB
Whether you’re multitasking for entertainment or work, the MacBook Pro can seamlessly handle all your excessive usage. Go ahead and use several applications together because the i5 processor, 4GB RAM and 500GB can take it all on.
HP 15-AC123TX 39.62cm Laptop
HP 15-ay503tx 156Laptop i5 1TB
Having the i5 processor not only speeds daily workload, it also helps users work with high bandwidth. Its 1TB hard drive allows you to store plenty of data and the 8GB RAM when paired with the i5 processor, make this an ideal system for people who work with digital content.
HP 15-AY554TU Laptop
HP 15-AY554TU i5 6th Gen4GB1TB156W10INT
Here’s another i5 processor laptop from HP that is a total delight when it comes to performance. Powered by 4GB RAM, Window 10 Home operating system and a sumptuous 1TB RAM, this laptop will make working much more fun since you won’t have to deal with any lags with this high-speed machine.
HP 15-ay503tx 15.6"Laptop
HP 15-AY554TU i5 6th Gen4GB1TB156W10INT
This HP laptop renders performance and multi-tasking efficiency with its integrated 8 GB RAM. This device is powered by a reliable 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 processor that takes care of all its processing needs. Its 1 TB hard drive provides storage space for digital content. Also, this laptop features a convenient 15.6-inch display that provides a clear view of files, apps, and documents. Also Read: Is It a Laptop or A Tablet? Meet the Hybrids of Our Generation

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