Unless you’re like my step-brother who can’t seem to find a job and doesn’t make any efforts to find one, you probably have to wake up every day at an unreasonable hour to make a living. With that job comes money and the mid-week pain of dealing with working in a soul-crushing job when you’d rather be sleeping like my aforementioned step-brother. ‘’But wait’, you say, ‘that’s not me, I love my job!’ Well, have a cookie, you special little snowflake. And pipe down because you will still find these things handy. Here’s a list of things you need to get through the week till Saturday comes, and boy, can’t we wait for Friday to come already. Presenting the hump day survival kit.

Philips Juicer 700W HR1863
Philips Viva Collection HR186300 2L 700W Juicer Rs 6994


You know what’s easier than eating an orange? That’s right folks, drinking an orange. Mmm, a cold glass of refreshing orange juice to begin your hump day. And not that kind of orange juice from a tetrapak which states 100% juice and you check the ingredients and find out that it’s straight-up bullshit. You deserve better than that. Get yourself a Philips Juicer 700W HR1863 to juice it on your own. It’s great for extracting up to 2 litres in one go without emptying that pulp container. And that 700 W is capable of pulverising even large fruits without pre-cutting them. We know that it’s a pain to clean juicers which is why you’re drinking that packaged crap but guess what, this juicer is good as new within one minute with the QuickClean polished sieve, integrated pulp container and smooth surfaces. What else can we say? Annoying orange, come at me bro!

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Philips Beard Trimmer QT4005/15
Philips QT400515 Beard Stubble Trimmer Rs 1271


If you’re pressed for time every morning, shaving is not for you. That’s why you need the Philips Beard Trimmer QT4005/15. The Dynamic Beard Guide system lets you set the look you want, from a 3-day stubble to a neatly trimmed long beard, great if you’re a lumberjack or Jesus or a rockstar. There are 20 lock-in length settings, from 0.5 – 10mm. Yes 20, what is this, a trimmer for perfectionists? Well, it could definitely be one. Keep barbers out of business with easy to use, even trimming that barely takes any time and gets you out that door. Charging ain’t a biggie with a month’s worth of juice in this sleek little bad boy that needs only 10 hour’s worth of charging. This is a must-have in your hump day survival kit.

JBL Inspire 300 Earphones
JBL Inspire 300 In-ear Headphones Rs 2139


Can you imagine how horrible life would be if you didn’t have headphones to get through hump day or any day? Drown out the blabber of your lovely colleagues and other fellow humans with a pair of JBL Inspire 300 In-ear Headphones. It’s compact and portable enough to keep with you all day long thanks to Quik Clik tangle-free magnets to lock them together. The JBL signature sound equipped with a mic with music controls will defy the tiny size and can compete with larger sized headphones any day. And it’ll attenuate ambient noise with its closed dynamic design that lets you listen to your favourite hits of Adele crooning into your ear  without any distortion to ruin it.

Callmate 15600 mAh Power Bank
Callmate 15600 mAh Power Bank Rs 1170


Don’t you just hate it when you’re on the move and your phone battery is about to die, and it does? Don’t you just hate it when this happens almost every day? If you look wistfully at every release of phones with mammoth-sized batteries and think about changing your current phone, wait! You should consider the Callmate PBMH15600SB Power Bank. It’s no mere power bank. Yes, this sleek device is the Fort Knox of banks, with 15600 mAh worth of power to charge your phone multiple times. Heck, earn some karma and charge the phone of the person next to you because it has dual USB charging ports. Good deed of the day: check (that too on a hump day).

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