Hugo Boss’ first presentation in nearly a decade seems to have garnered high praise from fashion editors and critics. Showcased at the recently concluded men’s week in New York, the collection was all about luxe utilitarianism.

Ingo Wilts, the Chief Brand Officer and Boss veteran, has gone retro for Fall 2017, pulling out references from its archives of the ’80s and ’90s, and updating them to suit the more casual chic tastes of 2017. Men, it seems, don’t want to be buttoned up in sharp cuts and neat pleats, instead they want fluidity and flexibility for work and the weekends.

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Suits, the mainstay of the Boss menswear collections, have been updated with more fluid silhouettes, trouser cuffs are double pleated, lapels are mid-width and shoulders are broader. Even waists are higher. More slouch chic than clean cut, more Silicon Valley than Hollywood, the collection also featured fur-lined bombers, hoodies and slouchy turtlenecks, while duffel bags replaced the standard briefcase.

This departure from tradition has been tempered by an adherence to a classic colour palette of blue, black, white and grey.

So as the modern (millennial?) man heads in for a makeover, it’s time to chuck lose the tie, zip up the bomber and march into the Fall-time sunset.

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