Having spent quality time with the new HP Spectre, I cannot help but still be smitten by its lusty design and packed feature list. Not to mention that it is the slimmest ultra-book in the world with a thinness of mere 10.4mm. However that won’t be for long as Acer and Lenovo have cut the Spectre’s party short by launching the Swift and the Yogabook at IFA 2016 and they measure a mere 9.98mm and 9.6mm thin. Until they hit the market, this Spectre takes the crown for being the queen of size zero and we will be diverting our energy towards talking about it exactly. The Spectre is a Windows 10 device, offering a non-touch 13.3in HD screen and features an aluminum body and carbon fiber base. It tips the scales at 1.1kg, which means, unless you are 4 months old, you'd be able to carry it along all day, without a fuss.I absolutely love it's high-end furniture inspired new piston-style hinge design, more than the watchband hinge design found on the Lenovo Yoga. HP Spectre 13-V010TU 13.3 Inch 512 GB SSD Let the looks not fool you though, because what's inside is all grunt, depending on what entices you. Which is this case would be making a choice between the Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, with up to 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage. The Spectre also comes with three USB Type-C ports, and two of them support the Thunderbolt spec. When you put the machine through the daily grind, there is hardly any hiccup from the hardware and it doesn't matter if you are working on creative applications such as Adobe CC, editing movies in Premier or working with web pages. You may think that the Spectre is not cut for high-end gaming, however the Intel 520HD graphics prowess ensures that you can have your bit of fun. However when pushed, the Spectre does heat up quite a bit, hence you would want to avoid placing it on your lap. Also Read: HP’s New Ultrabook, Spectre Has Us on Our Knees! The built-in Bang & Olufsen stereo speakers help things along nicely and then there is the absolutely gorgeous keypad, which is a charm to work with all day long. The typing touch is excellent and the is that amazing level of feedback that you can enjoy, which seems rather surprising for a laptop that is so darn thin. The HP Spectre is beautifully built machine that tries to offer the best within its design. However I still miss the SD card slot and would have loved a bit more from the battery. While HP says it should last up to 9.5 hours, I was able to squeeze out about 8 during a normal work day with bits of gaming and watching movies. To sum it up, if you are looking for a good mix of premium design and good performance and don’t mind the lack of a SD card slot and a touch screen, you won’t be disappointed with the HP Spectre. Cover Image via cbsistatic.com; Image via amazonaws.com

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