Despite advancements in communication technology, it’s still a pleasure to receive an old-school postcard. Not only is it a charming way to say hello in the age of SnapChat, but it also allows you to share your holiday with friends and family. A kooky postcard from New York, a beautiful landscape from Turkey or a piece-of-art card from Amsterdam will say more about your holiday than a hurried call. Plus, it can be preserved by your sentimentalist parent/friend/partner (psych, Snapchat!). For those of you who haven’t written one in a while – or at all – here’s a step-by-step guide to writing the perfect postcard.

Step 1

Collect addresses. Do this as surreptitiously as possible, so you can surprise everyone with a card.

Step 2

Pick the right postcard. One that depicts a local icon is an easy choice, but consider picking one that reflects the ethos of the place, or quirky, arty ones that are good looking enough to deserve real estate on a work desk or side table. Or if you can swing it, why not convert a picture you have taken into a postcard? It’s a great way to personalise your message.

Step 3

Practice your handwriting. Yes, really. Because when was the last time you actually put pen to paper and wrote something? A pretty postcard deserves pretty (or at least legible) handwriting. The address always goes on the right-hand side of the card, while the message should be written on the left.

Step 4

Think of what you want to say. You don’t have to write a letter – and you can’t since there enough space to do so. Instead write a couple of lines about something interesting or unusual or interesting you have seen or done, something new you have learnt or eaten, or even a new adventure. Doodles will also be appreciated. This makes your postcard message even more intimate and exclusive. Sign off with a “Love from (location)”, “Miss You” or “See you soon!”

Step 5

Don’t forget to stamp it. Make sure you buy stamps for the correct amount, especially if your posting your card from an international destination. The stamp usually goes in the top right-hand corner. Then post it!

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