With our country under lockdown for three weeks, hanging out with friends has become a distant dream. This, of course, has led to optimum use of technology to stay connected. We’re making the most of online games, video calling apps and OTT platforms. But do you want to quarantine and chill with your friends? Check out the Netflix Party extension on Google Chrome and host a movie night. Netflix Party, an unofficial Netflix plug in, is letting users invite their friends to stream a movie or TV show together. All you need to do is go to Google Chrome store and download the plug in. Now when you log on to Netflix.com, you will see an NP icon that prompts you to start a party. Send the URL to your friends and multiple people can watch the same video remotely, in real-time. In addition to watching a video together, you can also chat with your friends. A chatroom is an in-built feature of the extension and it appears when you start a Netflix party.

Quick tips when using Netflix Party

  1. It works with Google Chrome and won’t work on your TV or phone.
  2. The person hosting the party can start/stop the programme. Each episode will have to be a new party.
  3. It’s better to decide on a programme before you begin, so it saves you time and heartache.
  4. It’ll be a good idea to do a video or voice call on another app to get the feel of really watching it with friends.
It may not be as good as fighting over moments and sharing a tub of popcorn in person, but it’s a great alternative right now. After all, where's the fun in watching the latest good show if you can't discuss it immediately with your friends? So, start the party!