Designed as a platform for short videos, Instagram has recently launched its Reels feature in India. This feature is integrated seamlessly into the main app and makes use of a lot of features and customisations already available to Instagram users. With 15 second videos and several ways to add flair to them, Instagram is looking to create a niche within itself for those looking for such content. If you’re someone like that, scroll ahead to find out how to get started with Reels and make the most of it.

How to use Instagram Reels on Android and iOS

Since Instagram Reels is integrated within the Instagram app, all you need to do is ensure that your app is updated. Since the feature is being gradually rolled out, it might not be available despite an update. In that case, have patience as the rollout should reach everyone eventually.

How to record Instagram Reels

Step1: Tap the camera icon on Instagram. If this is the first time you’re doing so after Reels being added to your app, you’ll get a ‘Get Started’ option, post which you’ll see the new UI of this section.

Step2: Tap on Reels at the bottom, and then hit the white button to start recording.

Step3: Complete your Reels recording by tapping on the white button again, or letting it roll up to 15 seconds – the maximum allowed length.

How to share Instagram Reels

Once you’ve recorded it, you can add stickers and scribbles on top (just like any Instagram story) and hit the next button to post it – either as Reels or as an Instagram Story.

Add music and effects to your Instagram Reels

To make your Reels more appealing and interesting, you can add an array of interesting effects and background music to it.

To add music: Tap the music icon on the left before recording and choose a track from the For You or Browse sections. You can even record with your original audio, which can then be reused by anyone who can view the reels.

To add effects and filters: Tap the effects icon and choose from the ones available or add more from the Search button.

Use the timer and align your Instagram Reels

The next two buttons on the left allow you to set a timer for your Instagram Reels recording and align it to the right orientation respectively.

Who can see your Instagram Reels

There are several points to note regarding the visibility and privacy of your Reels, such as:

  • Reels will always get shared to Explore, while you can also choose to share it on your Feed.
  • If some of your followers do not have Reels yet, they’ll be able to see it as a normal video, while those who do can make their own Reels using yours.
  • Reels are also visible in separate tab on your profile, where you can also check comments, likes, views etc.
  • If your account is set to private, only followers can see your Instagram Reels.
  • If you have a private account and someone uses your original audio, the same will also only be available to your followers.

How to get featured on Instagram Reels

To promote visibility of the new feature as well has highlight good content creators for it, Instagram will choose certain reals to be ‘Featured’, based on several things like genre, style, and more significantly how entertaining they are. This can only happen for public accounts, which will receive a notification if their Reel is selected.

How to make the most of Instagram Reels

Just like any other social networking feature, how you bring out the full potential of Reels is up to you. It gives a lot of useful and interesting tools into your hands. Now, it’s your creativity that can take it to the next level.

Image Courtesy: Instagram