Having a robust LinkedIn profile is a pre-requisite when you are trying to connect with the best people and opportunities in your industry. Whether you are offering a collaboration or making an important pitch for your company or trying to amp up your career with a better job, the first step is to create an appealing profile that stands out. Just being a part of the best professional networking platform in the world is not enough, when you must compete with thousands of other people to distinguish yourself. Sure, your work and achievements will speak for itself, but ensuring they are presented in the best possible way is what you need to work on. Now being the best time to make changes and keep your LinkedIn profile ready for the future, we got to work and researched on what career consultants and experts in the field have to say. Ahead, we list out 10 tips that will help you to upgrade your profile and get the opportunity you want.

Update your profile picture

According to LinkedIn, a profile with a picture is 14 times more likely to be viewed by others. The little round image is the first thing that is seen by everyone on LinkedIn, that’s where first impressions are made and connections are taken further. A few tips to keep in mind while putting up a LinkedIn profile picture – put up a recent one, ensure your face takes up 60% off the space (so no long shots), give a warm and genuine smile, no selfies (ask another person to click), make sure it’s a high-resolution image and wear what you would wear to work.

Write a striking headline

Your headline is the opening line to your profile so make sure it puts across your expertise excellently. Instead of using buzzwords like ‘experienced’, ‘passionate’, ‘strategic’, ‘expert’, ‘certified’ etc, use the space to talk about your skills. You do not necessarily have to just mention your job profile, you be can be creative in mentioning what you do and have to offer.

Endorse skills strategically

You might be tempted to load this section with a lot of skills, some even basic ones. Improving this section will be valuable in two ways – it will help you be more searchable by professionals who are looking out for that skill and secondly, it will tell the story of who you are and what you specialize in when people visit your profile. So, drop off all unnecessary ones, and stick to the most important skills that you offer the best. Also, rearrange it according to importance, so the key skills are seen first.

Add an interesting summary

A lot of people tend to keep this space blank where in it’s a great opportunity to tell your story. Try moving past just elaborating your job title and listing skills in this section. Invest some time and bring your talents to life. Tell your story, why your skills matter and what difference it will bring to the people who collaborate with you.

Request for recommendations

Testimonials from people who have worked with you goes a long way in highlighting your skills. When people endorse your work, it matters a lot in building your personal brand. So feel free to approach your past colleagues, managers, team leaders etc on sharing their experience of working with you. Ideally, work on getting one testimonial for every skill that you have mentioned. Also, spread the love back. Go through your network occasionally and endorse people whom you genuinely feel deserve it.T his gesture is often a trigger for people to endorse you back.

Take up certificate courses

Learning is a continuous process and when you take up courses and attain certification, it shows that you are always up for widening your knowledge. You can add your certificates to your profile which would help in backing up your skills and emphasizing them further. Apart from external sources, LinkedIn Learning also offers a lot of valuable courses that will help you in your career.

Share relevant content from your feed

Work on your personal branding by sharing content that aligns with your point of view. This will help you be active among your network connections by appearing on their LinkedIn feed. Ensure that the content that you share is genuinely what interests you. It could be an interesting discussion, news related to your field, skill improvement tips, helpful articles or anything that would add value to the viewers when they see it on their feed.