We’re making a case for the henley shirt this season. If you already have enough of these - in multiple colours - neatly stacked in your closet, you know why we’re advocating this garment. If not, here’s a reason: it goes with everything and makes you look damn good. A favourite of male celebrities – we’ve seen everyone from David Beckham and Idris Alba to Varun Dhawan and Ranbir Kapoor wear them – the shirt also happens to be a must-have piece this season, as it's perfect for fall layering. allen claudius Allen Claudius, creative director at Bowties And Bones, tells us everything we need to know about the Henley, and how to style it. Formerly a staple for US military personnel (I think it still is), the Henley shirt has found its way into civilian wardrobes quite easily. In fact, the Henley is quintessential in a man’s wardrobe; it’s a basic precisely because it can be styled in different ways. I have to offer this cautionary advice: if there is one type of man who shouldn’t be wearing a henley shirt, it has to be the type of man that has a belly. It won’t look good even if it is loose in fit, because the lack of a collar and the button placket. Sadly, you wouldn’t look like GI Joe. That’s why I too, have taken a break from them, till I succeed at curbing my biryani cravings. For those who plan to wear the Henley shirt this season, here’s how to do it: A henley shirt should always be basic – so no prints, no colour blocking, nothing. Treat this shirt like you would any other crew neck tee. Wear it on its own or with a blazer/jacket thrown over. You can also pair it with a plaid shirt, unbuttoned, for the classic Americana look.