Movie marathons are a great way to spend time at home, whether it's with your family or all on your own. It could be a bunch of your favourite movies, top hits of a particular genre, or all the instalments of a series—the options are endless. What matters is planting yourself in front of that screen and enjoying great movies one after the other. However, there's more to it than just that—a great movie marathon requires a great setup. Ahead, we list out the details what you need to pay to ensure a great watching experience.

Pick a great screen

The best case scenario here is that you already have a big screen 4K television set at home, hooked to the latest and best peripherals. In that case, you're all set for the screen part. However, even if you don't, all you need to do is to set up your TV or laptop at the right place, where it can easily connect to the speakers, and be visible to everyone in the room. If you're planning on doing this with friends far away from you, there are browser plugins like Netflix Party that'll help you sync up your marathons.

Ensure great audio

Without a good audio setup, your movie marathon will end up feeling lacklustre. Since TVs today are going slimmer these days, they lack the audio power needed to truly enjoy a movie experience. Either way, you should definitely connect a wired audio setup or Bluetooth speakers to your TV or laptop before starting your marathon. Even the best headphones can get uncomfortable for longer hours, but you can manage if you take regular breaks.

Include perfect lighting

To replicate the theatre experience, ensure that curtains are drawn if there's light outside. In the evenings, keep the room minimally lit, with ambient lighting that syncs up with the content on TV, if possible. This makes the experience highly immersive.

Prepare delicious food

Movie marathons are intentionally long, so it is natural to get hungry during one. Get some snacks ready before you begin, like a bowl of microwave popcorn or some finger food. Ensure you're consuming adequate amounts of liquids by keeping juices and water bottles on hand. For longer marathons, take a proper meal break.

Put up comfortable seating

Even if you've ensured everything else is perfect, good seating can make or break your movie marathon experience. Get beanbags, blankets, cushions and more for the duration of the marathon. Keep them spread out around the room for people to relax the way they like. Remember to take regular breaks during the marathon; you can even use these to discuss the movies you're watching.

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