Over time, we all tend to gather up a whole lot of obsolete gadgets at our homes. Most of these were discontinued from use and replaced by a newer, better version. But somehow these gadgets were not discarded and dumped for a wide range of reasons. If you too have a whole bunch of such gadgets lying at home, worry not – here, we take you through five delightful ways in which you can recycle and repurpose your old, obsolete gadget in clever ways.

Monitors into fish tanks

Remember the good old CRT monitors? We’ve all spent the better part of our childhood growing up staring into these, but over the past few years, they’ve only sat unceremoniously on a shelf, gathering dust. Bring them out, open their innards and remove the circuitry, cover the ports and slots with plastic or acetate sheets, and saw in a bulb slot on the top of the monitor. The result? Your very own, geeky fish tank!    

CPU fans in various cases

Over time, we end up with a massive chunk of wasted CPU fans – from discarded motherboards, graphics cards, power supply units and so on. While their circuits may have been damaged already, the fans are most frequently in perfect working condition. Find these old products, retrieve the fan, and create your very own desk fan setup by wiring them to a power source. You can even have LED lights on them!  

Computer cabinets as coffee table

Old, discarded cabinets cannot be reused since technology has moved on from yesteryears. If you have such cabinets lying at home, retrieve and clean them up, remove all unnecessary internals, paint them to a shade (or motif) of your choice, install floor buffers at their bases, and voila – you have a ready, standing low coffee table stand! Simply place a glass top with vacuum joints on the cabinet’s top, and you are ready to roll.

CDs as art, floppy disks as stationery stand

This is by far the easiest way to reuse old tech. Retrieve your collection of old CDs and floppy disks, and create any art piece as you deem fit. Using nothing but five floppy disks, adhesive and paint, you can create your custom stationery holder. For CDs, string them together and paint or modify their tops to create interesting wall hangings. For example, how about a Bollywood-themed CD corner motif for the crazy film buff in you!  

Wires and keys as wrist and neck bands

We all have a massive amount of discarded wires at home, and even a keyboard or two that broke down years ago. Bring the two together by painting the wires and snipping them off their original devices to turn them into wrist bands. To this, you can even string in your preferred set of keys from worn down keyboards to create a rustic, custom wristband to gift your friend on their birthday.

Image Courtesy: Canva, Pinterest, Pixabay