Monsoon can be a particularly dangerous season for the tech inside your house. Excess atmospheric humidity can get into even the most well-built devices and cause damage. To avoid that from happening, you need to take extra care of your devices this season. Scroll ahead to get some easy and helpful tips on how to secure your devices for the monsoon.

Is it waterproof?

Before anything else, check if your device has an IP rating. It should look like ‘IP xy’, where Y is what denotes water protection. If the value is between 1 and 6, it denotes protection against moving water, like rainfall, which is what you’re looking for. Note that higher numbers 7 and 8 are only for protection against immersion and don’t assure rain proofing.

Store less used devices

For devices that are not used much, don’t leave them lying around the house to be damaged. Use airtight ziplock bags to store them securely and throw in silica gel sachets to ensure additional protection against moisture.

Use protective covers

If you’re device isn’t waterproof, but you still need to use it every day, put it in an enclosure that adds waterproofing. For example, Smartphones can be put in waterproof pouches. DSLRs can use rain covers and cases. There’s something available for all kinds fo outdoor devices.

Secure your laptop

If you’re using a laptop for work you must have felt it heat up sometimes, especially under the keyboard. That is because it houses several important hardware components under there. To protect them against moisture (and accidental spills) get a keyboard protector for your laptop.

Choose Bluetooth waterproof headphones

Choosing between music and the safety of your smartphone is never a good feeling. However, using a wired headphone with your phone out in the rain is dangerous because the rain can travel along the cable to reach your phone. Instead, use a Bluetooth headphone which will let you secure your smartphone inside your bag without hitting pause on your favourite tracks.

Repel water with repellent sprays

Certain sprays can be used to add a layer of protection to fabrics. These water-repellant sprays are hydrophobic and don’t let the fabric absorb moisture. Use them on the backpack or pouch in which you’ll store your gadget. If you take such a bag out in the rain, you can just wipe off any rainwater from its surface without any fear of absorption.

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