One of the most overlooked things when it comes to washing machines is cleaning the machines themselves. After all, something which is doused with washing detergent and water every time it is used can stay clean on its own, right? Not really. They especially need looking after during the damp and musty monsoon. During the cleaning process, they bear the brunt of all the dirt and grime that resides on our laundry. They’re used (read: abused) the most this season. Here are a few ways you can maintain your washing machine during the monsoon, so that it can function smoothly, without causing you any worries.

Let the washing machine air

When the washing machine is overused during the monsoon, it might take a while for it to dry up. The air also contains the higher degree of humidity during this season, making it even more difficult for the dampness to evaporate naturally. This would lead to a machine that stinks or makes an already stinky set of clothes smell even worse. After every wash, keep the washing machine lid open for at least half an hour to let it dehumidify.

Use it wisely

Even though the increasing piles of laundry might make you want to keep running the washing machine until everything is clean and sparkling, that puts a toll on even the best machine you can get. Irrespective of the load, try to avoid running the machine more than 2-3 times a day, and don’t overload the runs you do get. Plan your laundry accordingly.

Pre-treat your clothes

It might seem convenient to directly throw dirty clothes into the washing machine, but that can do your machine quite a lot of harm. Dip your clothes in warm water or pre-treat the stains with a cleaning agent before you put them into the washing machine. This will prevent unnecessary muck from getting stuck into the machine's crevices.

Take care of lint

While it is standard practice to clean your lint filter regularly, monsoons require extra diligence in this area. The lint that gets stuck in the filter can add to the odour already plaguing the machine. If you’re using the machine every day, clean the filter once every 3-4 days. Image Courtesy: Canva, Shutterstock