Smartphone addiction is something that most of us go through in varying ways, even though we may not always admit it. However, it is no longer a new phenomenon, or something that qualifies as unnatural nowadays. In fact, smartphone makers themselves have noticed the issue at hand, and stepped up by offering ways to users to limit their screen access, devise techniques to give them momentary breaks, and more such ways. In such times, we take you through a few important techniques that you can use, if you too are drawn to your phone, and feel a need to cut down on it.

Will yourself to stop scrolling

The first and foremost thing to do is to harden your will and stop the one terrible habit that we seem to have developed — scrolling. As a collective generation, we seem to be addicted to aimlessly scrolling through social media feeds without any particular destination in mind. Pro tip: Stop that now. Not only does this lower your productivity, but also takes you deep into the circle of being addicted to your phone.

Use your phone’s screen monitor mode

Services like Screen Time on Apple devices and Zen Mode on OnePlus phones are actually rather helpful, and not just fluff. While Screen Time monitors your phone usage and tells you how addicted you are to your phone, Zen Mode completely locks you out of apps such as Instagram and Facebook. If you’re struggling with handling your screen addiction, be sure to regularly use these services.

Google's Digital Wellbeing (Source: Google)

Restrict notifications and number of apps

The greatest distraction to our everyday life are notifications on our phones. To reduce this, first try and uninstall any surplus app that you have on your phone. For instance, if you only use a grocery delivery service once a month, keeping its app on your phone will cause you to get repeated notifications about offers, in turn drawing you into it. Avoid this by either uninstalling them, or by going to settings and switching off the notifications permission for apps that you don’t use everyday.

Keep your notifications under your control

Re-develop a hobby

Bring out the old painting sheets from dusty shelves, or pick up your guitar again. The biggest reason why we fall back on our phones is boredom, and you need to stay out of it by rediscovering your old hobbies, instead of pointlessly scrolling through social media posts. It is a challenging and extremely gratifying process, so be sure to try it.

Keep it aside

Most importantly, make it a point to keep your phone away for certain durations, every day. Once you start following this everyday, you will begin to realise that your smartphone addiction can be easily controlled, and your paranoia levels will begin to go down again. In return, you will soon realise that you do not need to check your phone for updates every two minutes, which can be a liberating feeling.

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