If there’s one appliance in our homes that is overused, it is the refrigerator. Working relentlessly round the clock to keep your food fresh and stop it from spoiling, a refrigerator never rests – until it must. Just like any other electronic appliance, misuse or overuse can also affect a refrigerator’s cooling abilities – which will lead to food getting spoilt. There are certain ways you can stop that from avoiding. Here are a few suggestions:

Refrigerate food quickly

Food shouldn’t be at room temperature for longer than two hours. The hotter the temperature in the room is, the less time available before the food gets spoiled outside. Post that, food should be covered and put into the refrigerator to keep it safe.

Don’t refrigerate hot food

The hot food might cause the temperature inside the fridge to rise, causing surrounding food items to spoil. Also, the hot food takes longer to cool, so you might not be getting the intended refrigeration in the amount of time you keep it in the fridge.

Check the door gasket

The gasket that seals the fridge when you close the door could have even small tears that prevent the contents to cool completely. It allows cool air to escape and prevents the door from shutting completely.

Stop overcrowding the refrigerator

When there’s too much food stored inside the fridge, the cool air won’t be able to circulate around the refrigerated food, causing suboptimal cooling performance.

Keep the coils clean

The coils at the back of your fridge are responsible for keeping your food cool by releasing heat from the coolant. Over time, these coils might accumulate dust, pet hair or other items that affect how well they can release heat and cause the compressor to overheat. Before cleaning the coils, remember to turn off the fridge. Do it once a year unless your fridge is in a particularly dusty area. If required, consult a technician.

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