While most of us prefer to relax or practice our hobbies during our free time, sometimes it can be therapeutic to get some cleaning done around the house. We're not talking about your regular dusting and mopping; those are things you do as chores anyway. However, what does get ignored often are our appliances. Your refrigerator is one of those appliances which can get really dirty without us noticing in time. And when you do notice, it seems to be too difficult to even start cleaning. We've come up with a sequence of steps you need to follow to clean your refrigerator with minimum effort.

Clean it out

The first thing you need to do is to remove all the food from the refrigerator. However, before you do that, you need to ensure that your food does not spoil outside the refrigerator for a short interval. A good idea is to clean the fridge when you're already low on resources, so there's less stuff to worry about. Plus, you can also use this opportunity to get rid of expired food.


Wash shelves and trays

A refrigerator comes with many removable shelves and trays. Once the food is out, you need to remove those shelves and trays and wash them. Check the manual for the correct process of removal. If they are cold, it is advised to let them come to room temperature before washing them with warm water. Allow them to dry while you clean the rest of it.


Wipe the interior

Now, it is time to clean the inside of your fridge. Do not use hot water for this, because if you do, your fridge might take longer to cool down once you power it up later. Mix a surface cleaning solution in some cold water, and use a clean cloth to wipe the inside of your fridge with it. Use a cotton bud to clean the grooves, like the ones that the shelves go in to, and the drip at the back—places like these are a hotspot for dirt. Dry off with paper towels.

Clean outer surfaces

Pay attention to the exterior surfaces as well, since they can accumulate germs and dirt through repeated contact with your hands. The door seal, in particular, can host a lot of grime too, but thankfully it's easy to clean. Use the crevice nozzle of your vacuum cleaner or a brush to get the dirt out. Finish off by wiping the surfaces down with a cloth and some cleaning solution.

Cool it down

Once everything is clean and dry, put the shelves and drawers back in place before powering the fridge on. Wait for the temperature to reach adequately low before placing the food back in. A quick cooling function would be quite handy here.

Image courtesy: Shutterstock