Our smartphones have become our constant companions these days. Wherever we might go, they follow. As a result, they get exposed to the same germs and bacteria that we do. However, even the most particular of us don't make cleaning our smartphones a priority. Even when we do, it is important to know the right steps to do so to avoid damaging the device.

To make things easier, we've outlined a basic guide to cleaning your smartphone. Scroll ahead for everything you need to know.

Tip 1: Use soap and water

First, check if your phone is water-resistant. To do that, you need to check its specifications for its IP rating. It specifically needs to have a rating of IPX5, or even better, IPX6, to be safe against flowing water. Please note that IPX7 and IPX8 are different ratings and are only applicable to static water. Once you are sure that your phone is protected against flowing water, a light rinse with warm water and soap, followed by wiping and airing it to dry it, should be enough. While ports are also taken care of while issuing these ratings, it's a safe practice to keep them closed with a case.

Tip 2: Stock up on phone wipes

Get phone wipes that are pre-dipped in chemicals safe for your phone. These chemicals are usually a light solution of water and alcohol as a disinfectant, and won't damage your screen in any way. Please do not use household cleaners to wipe the screen. You can even take it to the next level and get an entire phone cleaning kit, which includes brushes, blowers and more.

Tip 3: Use a damp microfiber cloth for stubborn residues

When you need to clean makeup, moisturiser or any other facial residue from your phone screen, spray some water on a microfiber cloth, and use it to wipe your screen. If left unattended, these residues can be a hotbed for germs and microorganisms. Don't forget to wash the microfiber cloth later too. This is also effective to remove fingerprint smudges from your display to keep it spotless.

Tip 4: Pick the right cleaner

Get your hands on a screen cleaning liquid—for not just your smartphone, but also other electronic devices like your laptop and TV. In addition to that, use microfiber lens cleaning cloth for best results. You can find both online quite easily, and even at your nearest optical or camera store. Using these ensures you don't accidentally damage the quality of your display with harmful chemicals like bleach.

Tip 5: Remove sand with tape

An easy hack to remove sand and dirt from the crevices on your phone is to cover them with scotch tape. To do this, you have to first identify the area you want to remove dirt from. Cut out the right length of tape and press it properly against the groove, ensuring that it fits into as much of the gap as possible, leaving a little bit out for easy removal. Then. just pull it off to get rid of the sand and dirt stuck in between.

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