Now, we all know how girls get when anyone mentions the words, “shoes” or "sneakers" or "heels". Eyes widen. Hearts palpitate. A big grin. A dazed look. And a sigh for all the shoes they couldn't get.  Basically, when a girl hears the word shoes, she looks like The Joker from Batman sans the make up. However, I wanted to know how guys react to the same. So I called a few guy friends and asked them if they liked shoes/sneakers. I expected them to say “What? Who cares man!” and roll their eyes. Except, they didn't. They certainly didn't have heart palpitations but they did get enthusiastic while talking about their precious sneakers and how they chose them. Now since I know them personally, I know exactly why these pairs are their favourites; they reflect their personalities. "If it feels comfortable, looks good and makes you fall in love with it on the first sight, then get them", is the only advice that you should follow.Deepam & his LouboutinsDeepam and his Christian Louboutin sneakers Deepam is one of my closest friends and if there was one thing that would describe him, it would be his favourite Louboutin sneakers. They are glamorous, edgy and pump up absolutely any outfit he puts on. Like his sneakers he too is the life of any party he sets foot in.   Suhail & his LanvinsSuhail and his Lanvin sneakers Suhail is a model so most of his wardrobe is filled with carefully curated pieces that are extremely comfortable, yet really stylish. He loves luxury but believes in personal style more than following fashion trends; which is exactly why he chose these plain black Lanvins. He also makes sure to kill people who step on them. Sarang & his AdidasSarang and his Adidas sneakers Sarang is a blogger and obviously has a lot of shoes but his favourite pair is this one by Adidas. They are classic, chic and go with almost anything. Can't really go wrong with them. Al & his Yeezys Allan and his Yeezy sneakers You may have seen Al Claudius on his blog  and know him as  the head of Fashion Visuals and the Influencer Program at Wooplr and realized exactly why we featured him here. Almost instantly post the Yeezy Boost's shoe launch, Allan did not think twice before adding it to his already massive collection. He gives justice to the word #SneakerHead.
The right pair of sneakers can make the crappiest outfit look good & give you that spring in your step like it is the morning after walk of shame (in my case, delight)! - Al Claudius from Bowties & Bones
  Ruthvik & his vansRuthvik and his customized Vans Now I don't know Ruthvik personally, but I do know his elder brother Utsav who told me about Ruthvik's love for visual art, doodling and caricatures. Since he was young, he'd doodle on anything he'd get his hands on. Over the years his canvas now moved to shoes that he customized for his friends whenever he would find time in his busy schedule being a doctor. Rohit and his DCsRohit and his DC sneakers Rohit is a content strategist at Foxy Moron and loves watching movies. Anyone who knows Rohit knows how much he likes scrutinizing everything from bad food to what rating a movie should rightfully get on IMDB. That guy basically has a say on everything. Except his DCs; for a change he thinks something is exactly what it should be.  They look badass but also really comfy like slipping on a cloud. Can't really criticise a badass looking cloud shoe, can you?

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