Whether it is to jumpstart the day or a regular dose of necessary fuel, a well-made cup of coffee means a lot to many of us. However, getting the brew of your dreams is not that easy. For starters, to have it first thing in the morning, you must get up and make it first thing in the morning. Even if that’s not an issue, you need to have the right tools and follow the correct procedure. That espresso shot you love, or that mug of frothy latte you need, requires hard work. Unless you’ve got the right the coffee maker for your needs. Coffee makers can make your brew for you. In fact, many options can go beyond that and put the finer controls into your hands, giving you no reason not to get one. In fact, there might be too many options out there, which is something that could seem confusing and keep you from your cup of java. Worry not, we’ve put down some things that you need to know and consider when buying a coffee maker:

Ease of use

Different type of coffee makers can require a different amount of attention from you. If you’re not really a morning person and would prefer a cup of coffee waiting for you when you wake up, you could go for a programmable coffee maker. However, if you enjoy the process of brewing your joe, models that are less automated or even entirely manual are also available.


If all you need is a cup to start your day, you can go for single-serve or one-cup drip machines. On the other hand, if there are multiple coffee people in your household, or you consume multiple cups throughout the day, you should go for a larger model. Some even come with elements that keep the additional coffee warm throughout the day.

Type of coffee

The form in which you source your coffee is an important factor in picking your coffee maker. Some machines accept ground coffee, whereas others can take beans and ground them whenever you want a cup. There are some models that need custom coffee pods. In case you don’t know which one to go for, investigate the pros and cons of each. For instance, pods will let each user have their own blend, instead of having coffee from one common brewed pot. Although, it can lead to non-recyclable waste.

Size of the coffee maker

You might think that the amount of coffee is the only size-related factor here. However, you must also account for the place where you intend to keep the machine. Some models require room above the machine to put the grounds/water. Your favourite “world’s best foosball player” mug also needs to fit into the machine.

Extra features

A coffee maker will get you your desired brew every time is already great for the job. However, having a few additional features pushes the experience even further. We are talking about things like brew-strength control, self-clean cycle, a built-in water filter and more.

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