Good audio is a rich, exquisite taste enjoyed by many around the world. Often, it is easy to assume that being an audiophile is an expensive hobby. However, while it is true that progressively rare audio equipment can get super expensive, it is not at all unattainable to start off as an amateur audiophile. In fact, there are many ways in which one can begin their journey in the audiophile space, without breaking the bank. If you have a deep interest in learning the intricate tricks of audio, here are the best ways to go about it.

Learn audiophile jargon

The first and very important step towards becoming an ‘audiophile’ is to really understand what everything related to audio means. For instance, the very basics include the principles of sound itself (such as the impact of amplitude to sound), followed by properties of audio hardware (what is the right ‘impedance’ for a standard pair of headphones), and finally terms related to audio output (such as the ‘timbre’ of the sound you hear). Scour the internet for good advice – there are hundreds of forums promoting audiophile hobbies, and you’ll find all your requisite information in any of them.

Train your ears

At the same time, continue listening to as much music as you can with your existing audio gear. There is no substitute to ‘training’ your ears, and once you start listening to music across all genres, you will start realising how sound properties differ so much with different vocals and instruments. It also helps you get a great reference of genres of music, and in the long run, gives you a well-trained sense of aspects such as tonality, pitch, soundstage and so on.


Start small, but be consistent

Even if you do have the monetary means, do not splurge to begin your audiophile journey. As a beginner, it is important to start small with the audio gear you purchase, and then progressively move upward on the product scale. For example, you can begin your audiophile hobby for as little as Rs 2,000, if you know the right products to go for.

Accessorise your sound

While most of us primarily listen to music through our phones, opt for certain basic audio accessories to gradually improve your experience. For example, if your earphones support it, research well on audiophile forums and upgrade your earphone cables. It is also a good idea to use a separate pre-amplifier or portable DACs, which can make a whole world of difference to the sound you listen to. Starting small also gives you a good idea of how audio products are, across various price points.


Join communities

As a beginner, there is simply way too much to learn in the audio space, and nothing is better than to join dedicated audiophile communities. Seek advice from senior audiophile community members, and attend audiophile gatherings that are often hosted by such communities. These events are often a great place to experience highly exquisite and rare audio products that you may otherwise not get to hear from anywhere else.

Image Courtesy: Canva