We all agree that there are some people who, when they enter the room, have everyone’s attention. They may not be doing anything, but their mere presence radiates enough power to command attention. This is the response to someone who has a charismatic presence. And while we may argue that this quality is naturally inherent in certain people, the fact is that it can be developed over careful practice. Charisma is not related to looks or how much money you have – it is more a characteristic of a magnetic personality – something that can be cultivated. A charismatic person always pays careful attention to how they interact with people. In short, they’re a people’s person. Says wellness and life coach Veechi Shahi, “Charisma is an inner quality that an aware and soulful person has; it is an aura or halo that naturally attracts others. It’s an inner shine that radiates from the inside through a person. For me, qualities such as simplicity, honesty, humility, commitment, perseverance, equality, trust, love, acceptance, surrender, mindfulness and silence are emblematic of a charismatic person. In today’s world of material possessions and outwardly success, these qualities are becoming rare—which makes charismatic people stand out all the more. When a person does not have any need to prove oneself and lives life moment to moment, he or she is said to have charisma. This charisma is a grace radiating from the core and gives the person a grounded, confident persona.” Wondering how to develop that magnetic personality? #QueMag has got you covered.

Be Confident, Positive and Assertive:

Experts argue on a lot of qualities that a charismatic person has, but one thing remains common. People with charisma are always confident, positive and assertive. If you exude confidence in your conversations, people are much more likely to listen to you and have faith in what you say. Also, confidence breeds assertiveness, which means that if you’re confident about what you’re talking you’re sure to be assertive about your points. This is something most people find very attractive. The last point is being positive – talking negatively about people, things or situations, putting others down, or just generally being condescending, will turn most people off. Instead, focus on the good points and bring them across effectively.

Nod to Show That You’re Listening:

Just because you’re confident and assertive does not mean that it’s you who needs to do the talking all the time. Even if you don’t agree with the points the other person is making, it’s important to listen and nod along to what they say. The correct way to do this is to wait until the other person has finished speaking, absorb and react to the conversation, and then reply. Also, remember to nod from time to time to indicate you’re listening. Don’t overdo it, though, as that can cause the impression that you’re eager to please, which is the exact opposite of what a charismatic person should be.

Keep Your Smartphone Aside:

How annoyed have you felt when you’ve been talking to someone and they’ve been constantly checking their texts or taking phone calls? Don’t do the same when you’re having a conversation with others. Keeping your cell phone aside serves two purposes – the other person gets the feeling that you’re genuinely interested in what they have to say, and you reduce your own temptation to check your messages. Even better would be to keep it on silent mode and check it only once you’re done with the conversation.

Speak Clearly and Confidently:

This does not mean that you have to talk more, or louder, than everyone else. It’s more important to make important points in a clear, concise and engaging manner. Pay careful attention to your tone, rhythm, volume, and pitch, and vary it accordingly to give emphasis to your most important words. Enunciate, be clear and speak at a relaxed pace to come across as confident.

Improve Your Posture and Body Language:

People are generally attracted to those who walk straight and with poise. A genuine smile also goes a long way in attracting attention and keeping it. Another characteristic of a charismatic person is a warm, throaty, contagious laugh. Your posture should ooze confidence and you should not come across looking shy, uneasy, nervous, shifty or fake. When in a business environment, a firm handshake conveys a magnetic personality very effectively.

Look People in The Eye While Speaking to Them:

According to the Art of Manliness website, numerous studies have shown that people who make higher levels of eye contact with others are perceived as possessing a load of desirable traits, including warmth, honesty, sincerity, competency, confidence, and emotional stability. Eye contact imparts a sense of intimacy to your exchanges, and leaves the receiver of your gaze feeling more positive about your interaction and also more connected to you.

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