Being attractive to other people is not always dependent upon looks. How many times have we seen a gorgeous person but when he or she opens his or her mouth, the attraction goes flying out of the window. And sometimes, they needn’t even open their mouth. Meek, quiet people, who lack confidence also tend not to be attractive to others. Then what is it that makes you more attractive? The answer is your personality. And while some are born with a vivacious personality, others have to learn to cultivate it. “Attraction is directly proportionate to living out your intentions. An intention is perceiving a creative solution or strategy to undertake a specific task or goal to fruition. Personalities who undertake tasks and goals with passion and dedication are living their lives with fulfilment and peace. It’s in this peace that the maximum attraction is found,” says wellness coach Ramona Mordecai. Adds life coach Veechi Shahi, “The more you are integrated with the environment, the more others feel attracted to you. The more you are inspired to be in tune with the rhythm of life, the more people will follow you. The more you actively participate to be better than no one else but your own self, the more people want to know your secret or success mantra.” If you’re looking to better your personality, the following tips will help.

Believe In Yourself

If you’re confident in your skin and believe in yourself and your qualities, it will radiate from yourself to other people. Everyone likes to speak to someone who is confident in their skin. Says Shahi, “As a life coach, I support many people to dive into their own darkness to find the key to attraction—and this happens when you raise yourself from your own limiting thoughts, beliefs and circumstances. This will attract the right people, things and situations in your life. Ultimately, the key to an attractive personality is in your hands.

Accept Yourself (And The Weaknesses That Come With It)

Very often, we tend to focus on our self-imagined negative aspects and assume that people will not like us because of them. But the point is, if you don’t love yourself then how can someone else do the same. It’s important to accept yourself, along with your weaknesses, and acknowledge your strengths. No one is perfect – don’t aim to be it. Says Shahi, “It’s a humble journey of accepting and supporting yourself to be the best version of yourself at most times. The direct result of this is that your persona gets attuned to grow, transform and evolve, which in turn causes others to get attracted to you. It's not working on outwardly looks and material things; it's the inward journey that gives the simple reward of an attractive personality.”

Listen And Show Interest

People are always attracted to those who listen to what they’re saying, ask questions and offer advice or opinions. The latter points prove to them that the other person is interested in their views. Besides, a good listener is always appreciated, even in a casual social environment.

Respect Everyone’s Opinions

You may not necessarily agree with everything the other person is saying – but hearing them out and respecting their opinion is a hallmark of an attractive personality. Arguing, putting other’s opinions down (especially when they do not coincide with yours), treating them as pedants can make you unattractive no matter how good-looking or well-spoken you are. Remember, it takes all kinds to make this world and every person is unique – so why should their opinions not be?

Read A Lot

People are attracted to those who have a lot of knowledge on a variety of things. General knowledge about what’s happening in the world, and being well-versed in literature lends your personality an admirable quality. According to, “Not only do books help cultivate an active imagination and improve vocabulary, but they also make you a better, more attractive person. Books teach us to see things not from one but several perspectives; they teach us values and lessons we probably didn’t ever learn at school; and make us into considerate, mature human beings capable of living a worthwhile life.”


A smile is a curve that sets a lot of things right. Never has there been a truer adage. No one wants to be around a sourpuss—on the other hand someone with a warm, welcoming and open smile will always attract people. You don’t have to be fake – just evince interest in people and give them genuine smiles when you speak with them. That will automatically make you more attractive.

Develop A Good Sense Of Humour

This is a weapon that never fails to disarm people. Charming, witty, funny people are often the ones that attract people, even more than classically good-looking ones. It’s not easy to make people laugh, and it’s important to differentiate being funny and being downright offensive. If you’re not sure about what could hurt people’s sentiments, try your hand at some self-deprecating humour instead. Not only will it make people more comfortable around you (and show your human side), but there is no reason for anyone to get hurt. Besides, it shows you’re confident if you’re able to laugh at yourself.


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