The much-talked about iPhone X is launching soon - on November 3, to be specific. One of Apple's most expensive phones, it’s going to cost you almost a lakh to own this special edition. So what does this ultra-high end phone have for you? Among the many features of this phone that awed Apple fans, the new security tech, called Face ID is what has really been the talk of the town ever since the phone was announced in September this year. Celebrating the iPhone's 10th anniversary, the iPhone X has done away with the home button, which means there’ll be no Touch ID anymore. Instead the phone relies on Face ID, which unlocks the phone using facial recognition. All it needs is a mug shot of your beautiful face to establish that the phone is in the rightful owner’s possession. With this features, you can be sure that no one sneakily gets into your phone without you (more like without your face).

How does it work?

Now that you know what the fuss is really about, here’s a look at the working of this new technology. Near the cut-out bit of the front-camera on the top of the phone, you’ll find an infrared camera, a proximity sensor, a dot projector, a flood illuminator and an ambient light sensor. Together these features scan your face and unlock the phone when the scans match. Apple calls this it’s TrueDepth camera system. iphone x truedepth camera When you glance at the iPhone X, the flood illuminator lights up your face with an infrared dot array that allows the infrared camera to begin the identification process. The phone compares this image to the map of your face it holds when you setup the system. Once it matches, you can access the phone. This security system is claimed to even work in the dark. It uses iPhone X’s six-core A11 Bionic processor paired with 3GB of RAM. There’s a neutral engine that processes the image in real time by mapping the shape and contours of your face mathematically. This calculations and processes are so accurate that Apple claims Face ID doesn’t get confused if you grow a beard, change your hairstyle or even wear a hat. Even sunglasses won't be a hinderance, as long as they let through enough infrared light.

How secure is it?

Apple says that the chance of someone other than you unlocking your phone with Touch ID is one in 50,000, while with Face ID is one in a 1,000,000, unless you have an identical twin or something. The Face ID security check can be used to authorise Apple Pay transactions or apps that would previously require fingerprint access. You can do so the same way you’d use it to unlock the phone, by looking at it. face id

Is it only about security?

The new iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera can also be used to copy your facial expressions and apply them onto its new moving animojis that you can send through iMessages. Now your favourite unicorn and panda animoji will be able to capture just the right feeling without you having to search for the perfect face through hundreds of those preloaded emojis. Apple has been a trendsetter of sorts when it comes to their tech. Now only time will tell how well will this new security feature take off. If you find this phone impressive already, you can buy the iPhone X here. Find more iPhones here. Fine more Smartphones here Cover Image via; Images via CNET and cetus news

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