There are fewer than two weeks remaining in 2019, and that means we’re smack dab in the middle of party season. However, it’s not necessary that you must enjoy a night out or a pub crawl every single time. In fact, if you’re planning to host a house party, you’re in luck because we’ve come up with the only kit you’ll ever need to make it an amazing party - all you need to do is get your friends over. Here’s what our kit consists of:

Bluetooth Speakers

No party is complete without the music, and no music is enjoyable if it holds you down with wires.

Home Theater

When you need to take the party music to the next level or hold a movie or sports watching party, a home theatre is a must-have for great immersion.

Smart lights

With controllable brightness and colour, smart lights allow you to tweak your party ambience to the finest details.


Memories of the big night need to be preserved in the highest quality, and a DSLR is just the right tool for the job.

Instant Camera

With an instant camera, you can give party souvenirs that people will hold dear for ages.

Mini Fridge

Let’s just say that every party needs to keep its spirits high and chilled out – without occupying too much space.


For the customised beverages that you can whip up in no time, a juicer can make your party drinks great.


Checking your smartphone during a party can be a hassle. A smartwatch will keep you notified of any calls and messages while you focus on having fun.

Air fryer

Cook up delicious finger food without worrying about the calories. All you need is an air fryer and some foodie friends.

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Image Courtesy: Shutterstock