I love being a 90s kid. We've grown up watching some of the best TV shows and have suddenly been transported to the Netflix and Chill era, and no, we are not complaining. Especially when there is no dearth of eye-candy for us ladies with these dapper men on screen styled to perfection.  From Bobby Cannavale's retro vibes in Vinyl to Chuck Bass's bad-ass rich boy suits, we give you a pick of men who've blown our minds not only with their acting skills, but also their impeccable sense of style.

Richie Finestra, Vinyl

020516-Vinyl-2 What we love: The 1970s drug-fueled haze; rockstar vibes, retro on fleek.  

Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl

ed-westwick-films-gossip-girl-in-nyc-9 What we love: The tailored suits, the slick hair, the bad boy attitude.  

Harvey Specter, Suits

harvey suits What we love: Conflicted corporate, suits as sharp as his tongue, the quiet intensity.    

Cornell Cottonmouth, Luke Cage

luke-cage-mahershala-ali-cottonmouth What we love: The three piece suits, eccentric laughter, richboy feels.   

Jonathan Pine, The Night Manager

night-manager What we love: That smile, country guy style, making hotel staff uniform look sexy.  

Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock

sherlock-benedict-cumberbatch What we love: British to the core, overcoats and hat, his quirky and eccentric energy.