Apple Music

apple music Believe it or not, it is almost sorcery like, the way Apple Music serves up the exact kind of tunes you feel like listening to. The curated lists and genres are simply astounding and while I hated the updated interface in the beginning, it is slowly growing on me. One of the reasons i cannot complain about running out of songs is because there are millions to choose from, 40 million and counting if Apple is to be believed. And the good bit is that my previous music, purchased or ripped still stays in my Apple Music library. This is one app I cannot live without! Also Read: Streaming and Downloading Music Legally in Illegal Times


digg If you need to swish pass the clutter the beloved internet serves up each day endlessly, you need Digg. The team at work, curates the best content, stories and videos and serves the freshest and most interesting content to go with your morning coffee, lunch and more. I love the interface both on the browser and the one I get to work with on the smartphone / tablet app. It is intuitive and bug free. Digg is one app to have your daily fix of the best from around the world.


tweetbox If you are the tweet happy kinds, there are a handful of apps out there that beat the official Twitter app by a good margin. If you ask me, there are a few things Twitter simply doesn’t impress with. First would be the interface which feels dated and then the absence of landscape mode for the iPhone blows my mind. It does work for the iPad. However the usage of real estate is average at best. The only one trick the Twitter app has up its sleeve, which third party apps don’t is that it supports multi-person direct messages (DMs). If you can live without it, you need to take a look at Tweetbot, which is my current favourite. Reasons are many. To begin with it makes a fantastic use of the space it has, everything is organised and presented in the most lucid manner possible. If you are annoyed with someone’s updates and feel like blocking their feed for a short period you can do that. If you feel like blocking it forever, you can do that too. The app even stores drafts as you compose a message, which is a nifty feature. I know you need to shell out some money to use this app, but consider it totally worth it.

Photoshop Fix

photoshop fix I know you've always hoped for that one killer image editing app to make its way into smartphones. When it comes to image editing, Photoshop needs no introduction and Photoshop Fix for mobile devices blows my mind, completely. Here’s why. Firstly if you own an iPad, you will be amazed with the kind of power it bestows upon you as you go about editing images, the app even supports multi window. Same goes for the new Liquify tool, it simply is visual sorcery, what you can accomplish using this on your family or friend’s mugshots. The interface itself is intuitive and even novice users will be able to get up and about within a few hours of working with the app. IPhone 7’s speedy innards only mean that the app runs butter smooth at all times. Images via Apple Store