There’s nothing quite like a hot drink on a cold winter day. Add some coffee to this mix and that day will turn into a pretty good one too. So, the next time you venture around the coffee maker, don’t just gulp down that rich dark portion at hand, add it to these recipes that will turn your everyday cuppa joe into delightful coffee drinks.
Mexican mocha
mexican mocha This Latin-inspired mocha is everything you’ll need when the evening gets colder. Add some rustic spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper to heat up your coffee and you’re good to go through the night. Check out the recipe here. Also Read: Scenes From Hollywood Films That Have Us Hooked on Coffee
Pumpkin spice latte
punpkin spice latte Winter is incomplete without treating yourself to a hot pumpkin spice latte. If you haven’t gotten your first latte this season from the local Starbucks, here a quick recipe to make one for yourself at home, anytime you feel like it. Check out the recipe here.
Honeybee latte
honey latte Once you get enough of that pumpkin spice latte, give this honey-infused latte a shot. Made with raw honey, nutmeg and milk, this drink will warm you up on any cold night Check out the recipe here.
Creamy mocha hot chocolate
creamy mocha Celebrate the holiday spirit by treating yourself to this creamy mocha drink. It’s hot, creamy (obviously) and a bundle of rich cocoa flavour garnished with a dash of sea salt to give you that perfect blend. Check out the recipe here.
Black magic coffee
black coffee If black coffee is what stirs up your day, this concoction made of freshly brewed hot coffee, chocolate, hazelnut and rum extracts is going to be your new happy place. Check out the recipe here. Also Read: The 5 Indian Teas Making Waves Across The World Find more coffee makers here. Image Courtesy:

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