As another semester of college beckons, many students will start gearing up for another year of living in a 15 x 15 dorm room they’ll be calling home. Hostel life can be challenging, especially when you’re new to it. The springy bed and worn out desk that’ll welcome you won’t be enough to help you survive. It will take much more to get through; like these few gadgets that will make your time at a hostel a little easier.

A power bank to keep your phone juiced up

With nothing much to do in a dorm room, you’ll end up spending much of your time calling and texting friends and family back home. You’ll also need a juiced-up phone to watch movies, check your social media pages and more. Having a good power bank at hand will keep your phone powered wherever you are so that you don’t have to spend most of your time plugged to the plug point.

A USB lamp to light up your side of the room

In a shared space, you might not have the liberty to keep the lights up till wee hours. If you want a friendly roommate and not your next nemesis, it would be nice if you turned out the lights by bedtime. However, for days you’re studying late or wrapping up a project, you can always have a handy USB light around to lighten up your side of the room without disturbing anyone else.

A laptop lock to keep your gadget protected

Even with a lot of friendly faces around, a dorm room is not the safest place. To make sure your most valuable gadget, your laptop stays safe, use a laptop lock to secure it every time you step out for a quick chai break.

An electric kettle to fuel your thoughts

Or better yet, bring the chai to you in your own dorm. Having an electric kettle will keep all your tea needs in check even at 2 am on exam nights when you’re in dire need of a warm beverage. But that’s not all this multipurpose gadget can do. From making chai to oats, Maggi to eggs and more, this gadget will make sure you don’t starve when the canteen is shut. Like this article, also read: 5 Super Simple Recipes You Can Make Using Only a Kettle

A good pair of headphones to block out the sounds

There’s never a dull moment when you’re at a hostel. Someone playing their guitar or snoring loudly, there’ll always be all kinds of sounds around you. Your only way to survive is to own a pair of good headphones that will block out all the noise. Like this article, also read: Your Favourite Brands of Headphones Under Rs. 1000

A multi-plug adaptor to take charge of your charging

There will also never be enough charging outlets as much as you’d need. If you’re lucky you might get one for yourself and that too might be difficult since you’ll have more than one gadget to charge at a time. Make sure you carry a multi-plug to solve your charging problems. This way you can charge your laptop, phone and run the kettle all at the same time.

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