September is here and it has a lot in store. Two eclipses—one on the 1st and the other on the 16th—new moons, Mercury retrograde, Jupiter's transit..and phew! Find out what your September horoscope has in store for you career, relationships and your style.


September is off to a crazy chaotic start and by now you surely must have felt the repercussions. There's a lot going on on the planetary front, what with two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde, and the sum total of the galactic tango has a result on your health first. Put yourself before anything else right now, you need to prioritise  health above anything else. Invest in some kickass workout gear and take up a new activity like running, kick-boxing or even aerial yoga. Can't find the time? Take it slow and start off with taking the stairs at work or clocking your steps on your FitBit. There's a reason athleisure is such a big trend this season, Aries, and it's about time you take it up.  


Get ready to shop, Taurus. The cosmos has loads of love and socialising in store for you. This month is going to be full of events, brunches and soirees. On the career front, this translates into networking opportunities, so if you haven't already signed up for seminars and conferences, now is your time to. Coupled Taureans will seek newer ways of keeping the flame burning. Maybe a short trip out of town of a long-haul flight to a destination that's been on your bucket list for eons? Single? Get on Tinder stat and queue up those dates. Your magnetism will rake in potential beaus so why keep it on the down low? Change is on the cards this month—whether it is a new job prospect or finding your SO—so you might as well be dressed for it. 


You've been trying with all your might to tailor situations to work in your favour. What you crave right now is absolute, total control over every aspect of your life. While this is understandable, the cosmos has other plans for you. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in retrograde until the 22nd, making this a bumpy ride. So how about slowing down a bit and taking some time off to introspect. Sit down with a hot cuppa and list down your goals. It's always nice to put processes in place so you can evaluate your journey once you have the results. If you find yourself confused, know that its just the universe telling you to play it slow. Take the weekend to sort out your closet, pile up clothes and shoes you're just done with and send it to charity. you'll be surprised at how cleansing this activity can be for your mind. 


Feeling creatively charged, Cancer? You should be, what with your friendly planets Jupiter and Mercury along with the sun light up your communications sector. This is the time to go bold or go home. TL;DR: Makeover! Changes aplenty are in store and now is your time to shun inhibition and take the plunge. Whether it's dyeing your hair a crazy colour (try the galaxy trend, it's made just for your sign) or getting a whole new wardrobe, this is the time to rehaul your image and yourself. September 16's new moon will have you one your feet, itching to try something new. You might want to go back to studying, think of a career shift or take a trip overseas. Pay heed to this and act on the thought.  You're headed in the right direction. 


Can you say cha-ching? There's an inflow of money in your bank now—and about time it was. Venus is lighting up your communications sector so the dough will flow in through channels associated with it, maybe it really is time you take up blogging/vlogging. You've been struggling to achieve equilibrium, both on the work and your personal life front. The two eclipses this month will teach you how to reach there. Put off the splurge spree for sometime, even if you have the means to go nuts shopping right now. Think before you act on impulse and make wise investments. So if you really do feel the need to shop, think of the returns and buy a classic piece like a well-tailored blazer of a luxury handbag instead of raking in an exhaustive bill at Zara.


Hello, shiny new you, Virgo! If you and the people around you are seeing you in a bright new light, you only have the stars to be grateful to. As the zodiac's most reflective sign you're constantly on a mission to be your best self and will go to incredible lengths to get there. But instead of spending long hours self-critiquing, look outward and ask your near and dear ones first. You'll  find how much they already admire you (and your impeccable taste in fashion). All you have to do is keep up the good work and carry on. Gear up for changes now, though. As much as you don't like surprises, there are quite a few in store for you—especially  around the September 16 eclipse. Could this mean you'll get that pair of killer heels you've had on your wishlist for months. You just might, Virgo. Have a happy birthday month.  


If you feel exhausted, tired and just about done by now, you have every right to, Libra. The cosmos hasn't been very generous to you so far but trust us when we say that's about to change. Setting the prelude right before your birthday month, the planets have aligned favourably for you. Take some time off and sink your feet in sand or be off to the hills. A trip away from the chaos is all you need right now and the 'me time' you yearn for is rightly deserved. Pamper yourself silly and shop until you drop before you hit the road. Can't take a vacation? Don't let it stop you from indulging. Spend wisely and rightly on a pair of luxe silk pyjamas or a comfy onsie and Netflix and binge over the weekend, Libra. Nothing should get in the way of you and the time you spend connecting with yourself.   


Your friends know you as the life of the party, but there's another introspective side to you they don't know about. So when you start cancelling plans and staying in, there will be questions. Don't worry about that for now, you have other concerns at hand. While you wind down and solve the issues that have been looming over, take the time to reconnect with yourself. You've had quite a journey, both in terms of your personal style and life. Reflect on your achievements, things that have worked for you in the past and decide your PoA accordingly. Maybe it is time you gave up on your old habits—or that tube top you've been hoarding since 2007—and adopt a new way of being. You'll be amazed at how wonderfully it will work out for you.


Fasten your seat-belts, Sagi, this is going to be a long ride. September's planetary positions have ton loads of new stuff incoming for you. Don't be daunted when the floodgates of change open up, these are all the good kind. If you've been contemplating changing your career and starting a new job, this is the time for you to shine. So build up your work wardrobe and add on mean-business shoes to your closet. Time for an image upgrade. Build a closet with sharp boardroom friendly clothes - blazers, shoes, shift dresses et al. The additions you make now will sum up to great things by the end of this month. 


There have been times you've had to go to great lengths to prove yourself and your worth to others. Consider that time to be over now, Capricorn. Now is your time to bask in the glory of your laurels and take a backseat. All you need to do is add the finishing touches—and a top coat to your new mani. Play it cool and keep it easy. Ditch the structure and definition that governs your life and style and trade it for easier accents. Maybe try something new like the 70s boho trend or add tiny jewellery accents like choker necklaces to  your outfit. Less is more, that's the only mantra you should follow. 


Finally! You've been waiting for results for so long and now, after all this time, they'll finally appear. If you've been working towards a promotion or a raise, you'll be hearing about it soon—around the eclipse on the 16th of this month, to be precise. This is a time for partnerships and coupling up. Whether you're starting a new business venture or going out shopping, team up, Aquarius. You'll be glad you decided to. Get a second opinion on anything new—especially that bodycon dress you're trying out at the dingily lit trial room. You'll be tempted to give into impulse and splurge but ask yourself, do you really need yet another pair of white sneakers even if they're half off?


You've always been a hopeless romantic at heart—sometimes even to a fault. Guess what, September has just that in store for you. Jupiter is moving to Libra making this a time for serious mergers and relationships. Like it or not, commitment is on the cards and you'll be facing some tough decisions. Surprising as you may find it, you're a magnet now, drawing in fans and lovers alike. Careful though, Mercury is retrograde until 22nd and this could bring back some ghosts from the past. Are you really done with them? You will have to make up your mind and tie up the loose  ends. While you're at it, stand tall—in a pair of swanky new heels!

Illustrations by Aditi Sharma