Our homes are getting smarter so why shouldn’t the security too? A CCTV and a watchman aren’t the most foolproof ways to keeping your homes protected. It’s time to take control in your hands, quite literally. There are a bunch of modern day security gadgets that can be controlled by your smartphone, making them a reliable option. So, would you consider welcoming these security gadgets into your home?

Rovio Home Sentry

rovio Get your own patrolling robot. Rovio is a robot-on-wheels with a webcam and it rotates around your home. If it detects motions, its WiFi-enabled video camera starts recording and you can watch the feed on your phone in real time. You can keep Rovio on security duty even when you go out for a few days. You can control it wherever you are and also instruct it to self-charge. Check it out Also Read: Live Like the Jetsons: 6 Gadgets That Will Turn Your Home into A Smart Home

Canary Home Security System

canary This may seem like just another HD camera and microphone but it’s more than that. This system is described as an all-in-one security system controlled by your phone. It is built in such a way that it adapts to your home and learns about your habits. When it detects something out of the ordinary in your apartment, it sends a notification with HD videos and audio directly to your smartphone. It also features temperature, humidity and air quality sensors to avoid fires or other mishaps. Check it out

August Smart Lock

august smart lock Control your lock system with this smart lock. You can connect it to your Android or iOS smartphone or Apple watch and use it as a virtual key to your door. Its features include auto-locking and opening your door without keys and tracking who comes and goes. With this smart lock, you no longer have to freak out every time you lose your keys. Check it out


cacoon This gadget uses subsound technology to keep your home protected. Cocoon listens to all the sounds and learns who belongs in your home, including your pets. It keeps your family protected by picking up low levels of sound waves and notifying you if something unusual happens. Since its well acquainted with your household frequency, it already recognises all the usual sounds, so it’s bound to alert you only of unusual ones and is less likely to bring up false alarms. Check it out

Samsung Smart Home

samsung smart home This home security system is a complete package that is made up of 1 hub, 1 motion sensor, 2 multi-sensors and 1 outlet. With all these parts combined you can have a real-time home monitoring system in place. It monitors people and car entering or leaving your home, records videos and keeps this data stored for 30 days. It keeps you notified about people, pets and cars that go and come. Check it out Images via imgix.net, dailymail.co.uk, thegadgetflow.com, 4erevolution.com