When it comes to home entertainment, a lot of us are content with the bare minimum. Come weekends, and you’ll find most people in front of their laptops with headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. At the very best, they’d be in front of a TV, experiencing their favourite show or movie through whatever experience the TV itself can provide. However, as any true cinephile would tell you, compromising on sound for any good movie or show is a travesty. Thankfully, there’s a lot of great home audio devices you can pick from – standalone speakers, home theatres, or the recently popular choice of a soundbar.

Why get a soundbar?

If you’re not too sure about getting a soundbar, there are several reasons that can convince you. We’ve listed down a few:
  • Easy to setup
  • More power than TV speakers
  • Minimal cables in operation
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Superior sound quality
  • Better pricing than home theatres

So, what's a good soundbar like?

The benefits above depend on the features and performance that you can get out of the speaker you pick. Typically, any well-known audio brand should be a good starting point for your search. However, we're here to help you with something better.

Audio-brand boAt has recently entered the home audio segment and come up with some great devices. The boAt Aavante Bar 1500 is a great pick as a soundbar for your living room, for more reasons than one. Here are some of the reasons why we like it:
  • A 120W RMS power combined with Subwoofer ensures the most powerful audio experience for your living room entertainment.
  • The sleek design and premium finish fit right into the most luxurious ambience.
  • Connectivity support for Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, AUX, Optical ensures that you don’t need to deal with multiple docks and wires to experience your favourite content in the best way possible.

  • Smart modes powered by high-end equaliser technology modify the sound depending on the content you’re consuming – news, sports, music etc.
  • You get 2.1 channel surround sound experience without the hassle of setting up an entire home theatre.
  • The down-firing 60W subwoofer provides clear and bold sound to any seat in the room.

As you can see, the next perfect addition to your home entertainment experience could be a soundbar. To check out more soundbars and other audio devices, head over to the Audio Store on TATA CLiQ.

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